How to sign in to Bumble on your phone or computer

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Signing in to Bumble is a similar process on any device. You can sign in to Bumble using your phone number, Facebook account, or Apple ID. Depending on how you log in, Bumble may ask for a verification code.

Like most apps, Bumble gives you different ways to create an account and then log in. These options make it easier to launch the app, give you fewer passwords to remember, and let you log in seamlessly. You can sign in to Bumble on three different types of devices, using three types of verification. It’s like that.

How to access Bumble on iPhone or Android

Bumble is available on both IPhone App Store that on Android game store. First, make sure you’ve downloaded the app on your phone.

Open Bumble. If you are using an iPhone, you will see three options: Continue with Apple, Continue with Facebook And Use mobile number. On an Android, you will only see the Facebook and mobile number options.

Select one of the options and follow the instructions to create or sign in to your Bumble account. If you sign in using your phone number, you’ll also need to enter a verification code that Bumble sends you.

How to cancel your Tinder Gold subscription on any device

Bumble also has a desktop version which you can find on the their official website,

  1. Open the Bumble website and click To log in (Where subscribe if you don’t have the account).
  2. To select Continue with Facebook, Continue with Apple Where Use mobile number.
  3. Enter your Apple ID or Facebook information or phone number. If you provide your phone number, you will need to enter a verification code which will also be sent to you by Bumble.

Once you’ve signed in, the Bumble website should remember you and automatically login in the future.

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