How to share your smartphone screen via Facebook Messenger

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It is now possible to share your smartphone screen via the Facebook Messenger messaging application during a video call.

This screen sharing feature was tested for months in the Facebook labs (cf. Facebook is testing screen sharing in its Messenger) and then it was first deployed in the desktop version of the application.

And recently, Facebook started rolling out the mobile version of its app for both Android and iOS smartphone operating systems.

This screen sharing feature will therefore help you to share your screen with others without the need to perform screen prints and then send the photo to the user or even without the need to install a dedicated application, the everything is done via a simple button and during a video call with relatives.

How to share your smartphone screen via Facebook Messenger on Android and iOS

It’s very simple the trick, open your Messenger app on your Android smartphone or iPhone, then start a chat with one of your friends and make a video call with him.

Once the call screen is displayed, drag the bottom bar upwards to access all the options available during your call.

For the moment, the only option available in this section is the new functionality which allows you to share your smartphone screen with your correspondent.

So press the button Share your screen and finally click on the Start button in the window Start recording or broadcasting with Messenger that opens.

And there you have it, your video call correspondent can now see all the content of your screen as well as the actions and activities in the foreground.

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