How to share your screen on Discord

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Guide real-time interaction with the audience as you play

Discord is a voice and text application for gamers that makes it very easy to share your screen and stream games to your friends and other small audiences. While this streaming method will not make your stream available to the general public like Twitch or YouTube streaming, it is much easier and does not require any additional software.

When sharing your screen, you can allow a single person to see your game stream, a small group of friends, or anyone with access to a specific Discord server and voice channel. Here’s how to share your screen on Discord.

There are two ways to share your screen in Discord:

  1. When you are connected to a voice channel in a Discord server.
  2. During a call made by direct message (DM).

The first method allows more flexibility because anyone with access to the voice channel can view your feed, while the second method is useful if you want to share your screen with a specific group of people.

You can only share your screen in a voice channel if you have permission to do so. If you cannot do this, ask the server administrator how to get this permission. If the administrator does not give you permission, you will not be able to share your screen on this server.

Sharing your screen with a voice channel is extremely easy. Remember that anyone who joins the voice channel will be able to see your feed if they want to. If you only want to share your screen with specific people, then don’t use this method.

Here’s how to share your screen on Discord using a voice channel:

  1. Launch the game you want to share through Discord. You can share any app through Discord, including web browsers, but games are the easiest.
  2. Click on a discord server in your server list, then click a voice channel in the list of voice channels on the left.
  3. Look for the banner below the list of voice channels that shows the name of the game you are playing, and then click thescreen share icon which looks like a computer screen with a smaller recording icon inserted into it. When you move your mouse cursor over the screen sharing icon, you will see text appear that reads as follows: Stream (the game you’re playing).
  4. Check the settings, then click ” Go Live ”. Click on Switch if Discord has selected the wrong game or application, and click the name of the voice channel you are in if you want to change it.
  5. Other users of the same voice channel will now be able to view your screen share. Throughout the process, you’ll see a little box in the lower right corner of Discord that shows what you’re streaming, and you’ll see an icon LIVE at next to your name in the voice channel.
  6. To stop, click on the ” Stop Streaming », which looks like a monitor with an X.

If you want to share a screen other than a game, like a web browser, or if Discord just doesn’t recognize that you’re playing a game, there is a fairly simple solution. The general process is the same, but you need to use the basic Discord screen sharing tool instead of the game’s streaming shortcut.

  1. Launch the game or app you want to share.
  2. Launch Discord, open the server you want to use, and join a voice channel.
  3. Click on the screen sharing icon that looks like a monitor with an arrow next to the text Screen.
  4. Click on Applications if you want to share an app, select the app you want to share, and then click Go Live.
  5. You can also click Screens if you want to share an entire view, select the correct view and click Go live.
  6. Check the settings, then click ” Go Live ”.
  7. Your stream will be accessible to anyone who joins the voice channel, and you’ll see a little box in the lower right corner of Discord that shows what you’re streaming.

In addition to Discord servers and voice channels, you can also communicate with your friends by direct message. The default method is to converse with one person via text chat, but you can add additional people to a DM and even initiate a voice or video call. If you initiate such a call then you can share your screen with everyone who has been invited to the DM.

Unlike the method that uses a Discord voice channel, this method gives you tight control over who can view your stream, and it also doesn’t require you to use a specific Discord server.

To use this method, you must first add your friends on Discord. Once you’re friends, they’ll show up in your DM list and you can call them.

Here’s how to share a screen through a direct message from Discord:

  1. Launch Discord, and click on the discord logo in the upper left corner.
  2. Click on any DM, including individual and group DMs, or create a new DM.
  3. Click on the“Call” icon top right that looks like a telephone handset.
  4. Click on the“Activate” icon the screen sharing ” which looks like a monitor with an arrow inside.
  5. Choose your resolution and the number of frames per second (FPS), then click Request window.

Full HD and 60 FPS resolution are not available if you don’t have a Discord Nitro subscription.

  1. Select the game or application window to stream, then click Share.
  2. Your feed will appear in a large window above the text portion of the DM.
  3. To stop streaming, move your mouse over your stream and click on thescreen icon with the X.

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