How to share games with friends on Xbox Series X or S

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Save money by sharing games with people you trust

What there is to know

  • You can share all of your digitally purchased games by changing the console which is referred to as your personal Xbox.
  • Your subscriptions, like Game Pass Ultimate, are also shared.
  • You can only change your home console five times a year.

Game sharing was introduced with the Xbox One, but this very popular feature also allows Xbox Series X and S owners to share games with their friends. By changing your personal Xbox’s X or S series, you can give a friend access to all of your digital games, and they can do the same for you.

This information is specific to the Xbox Series X and Series S consoles. If you’ve used game sharing with Xbox One before, you and your friend will need to make adjustments to keep sharing with newer consoles.

If you want to share games on an Xbox X or S series, you will need to have access to your friend’s console, or give them your login information. Likewise, they will need to have access to your console or provide you with their login information. You will then set up your friend’s Xbox as your home console, and vice versa.

Here’s how to share games on the Xbox Series X or S:

  1. Connect to your friend’s Xbox X or S series.
  2. Press the xbox button to open the guide, and navigate to Profile and System> Settings.
  3. Select General > Customization.
  4. Select My Xbox at home.
  5. Select Make it my personal Xbox.
  6. Optional : Log out of your friend’s console.
  7. Optional : Repeat this process on your Xbox with your friend’s account in order to have access to their games.

At this point, all of your digital purchases will be available to each user on your friend’s Xbox, and all of their purchases will be available on your Xbox if they have chosen to share with you. Your games will still be available on your console as well, but you’ll need to be signed in to your account to access them. Likewise, your friend will need to be signed in to their Xbox to access their own games.

Game sharing works based on how Xbox consoles handle digital purchases. When you buy and download a game on your console, other users of that console can also play that game even if they are not signed in to your account. This is possible because every Xbox user can set an Xbox as their home console, where downloaded games are available to anyone who has access to that console.

In addition to being able to access the games you have purchased on your home console, you can also download and play them on any other Xbox by signing into your account. When you do this, only you can play these games – other Xbox users will get an error message if they try to play them.

Game sharing takes the opportunity to let you set up your friend’s Xbox Series X or S as your home console. You can then log out of that console, which allows it to log into its own account, and then download and play any game you have purchased. You then reconnect to your own Xbox, which is no longer your home console. Since you are logged in, you can download and play your games there.

Game sharing works exactly the same on the Xbox Series X or S as it does on the Xbox One family of consoles. In fact, all of these consoles exist in one ecosystem, and you can only have one home console out of them all. This means that if you used to share games with a friend by setting their Xbox One as your home console, they will lose access if you later set your own Xbox Series X or S as your home console.

If you want to keep sharing games when you upgrade to an Xbox Series X or S series, you and your friend will need to make a new deal. Since you can only have one home console each, you can choose to share the games on an Xbox One or Xbox Series X or S, but not both.

What content is shared with Xbox Gameshare?

When you make a friend’s console your personal Xbox, they have access to all of your digitally purchased games, including Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X or S games. They also have access to your Game Pass membership. Ultimate, if you have one. This means that they will be able to play online and also download the Game Pass games to their console even if they do not have their own subscription.

Are there any limitations on sharing games?

There are very few limitations to sharing games on Xbox. Your friend will be able to play all of your games, and you will still be able to shop and play your own games on any console you are logged into. When you make such purchases, your friend has immediate access to these games on their console, since it is set up as your personal Xbox.

The main limitation of game sharing is that you can only switch consoles five times a year. This means that you can’t trade freely with your friends and family because you will quickly run out of switches and be stuck with a home console for a whole year. This is why it is so important to choose carefully when setting up game sharing, and to only share with people you really trust.

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