How to set up Zoom meeting in Outlook?

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Zoom and Outlook are two of the most popular productivity-focused programs, each in its own segment. While the former has become one of the most recommended options in video calling during the pandemic, the latter has been installed among the major email clients for some time. Therefore, taking advantage of its qualities simultaneously can be an extraordinary solution for many office scenes. Today we show you how installation nail Zoom in on the meeting in Outlook in seconds.

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that while most video calling or online dating tools try to compete for the same users, a good percentage of them also integrate with very difficult to escape applications, such as Outlook or Google calendar, which help the organization. But while Calendar doesn’t have a desktop app, Outlook does, and that’s why we’re going to prioritize it.

Set up a Zoom meeting in Outlook step by step

Something you probably didn’t know is that Zoom has a complement specially developed for Outlook. This was thought out by its developers for two specific cases: when you want to schedule a Zoom meeting from Outlook, or when you want to start a Zoom meeting. The add-in is available for the Outlook desktop app and the Outlook web app.

Now if you are using Outlook Desktop app then you need to use it with an account of Microsoft Exchange. During this time, if you are using an account IMAP, you will need to use the Outlook web app.

From the desktop app

  • Visit the Zoom download page
  • Download the Zoom add-in for Microsoft Outlook
  • If you have Outlook open, you need to close and reopen it
  • Run the MSI file in question and install the Zoom plugin
  • In Outlook, click on New, Meeting, and you will see the Zoom app open
  • There, set all the details of it, and when you are done, they will be added to the Outlook client
  • From Outlook Web

  • Visit the Microsoft Store to download Zoom
  • Click the Get If Now or Get Now link
  • Enter your account information before clicking Continue
  • Open Outlook calendar and find New event option and then More options
  • Click on the Zoom icon and let the window open when prompted.
  • Log into your Zoom account and configure all the details about the date and time of the virtual meeting
  • Conclusion

    This Zoom add-in for Outlook Desktop will automatically add information related to the online meeting invitation message. Whenever you want to organize a meeting, you need to make sure you have the right Zoom desktop app to do it. This is the first step that you must be convinced to complete.

    Later everything becomes easier, since you can do the programming from Outlook. In other words, you don’t have to go back to Zoom or anything like that. The plugin in question will fill in all of this remaining information. Of course, with Outlook Web you can only schedule one meeting, don’t start a.

    If you usually work with Microsoft and Zoom, you might also be interested in how to add Zoom to Teams.

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