How to set the default app for texting on Android

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With the surge of multimedia on our smartphones, audio and video messages have become the norm. But send a text is that simple like a phone call. A short, clear message or official sometimes for confirmations of medical appointments for example. SMS, the technical term for texting, is also very popular in the professional executive.

Of course on Android you will find a multitude of apps to personalize your text messages, like changing the font or the background image for example. Once downloaded, however configure the default app to send and receive SMS. It’s quite simple, follow the guide below.

How to set the default application for your SMS on Android?

First, meet in the your android settings, select Apps and notifications as on the left below. In some cases, Default apps are on the Advanced Preferences. You will have to go through this intermediate step if this is the case.

In the list of default applications, just click on SMS application. On the following screen you will find the alternatives.

Some Texting apps as LED SMS in the example below will prompt you to set them by default, just follow the instructions to receive and send SMS with a personal touch.

Easy as pie, right? So why not change other native Android apps with alternatives more powerful?

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