How to set a password for the microSD card of a Huawei

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When we talk about the security of our phones, we often think of our personal data like photos, exchanged messages, notes, our contacts and phone numbers and how to protect them and avoid the risk of being disclosed.

Data can be disclosed in the event of loss of your phone especially if it is not protected by a PIN code or a password and also in the event that this smartphone has a microSD card from which you store your photos and a part of your personal data.

So for more security and to protect your data, never forget to set a PIN code (PIN code, Face ID, Touch ID and fingerprint) for your smartphone as well as to activate and protect your microSD card from your phone. with the same locking means.

How to set a password for the microSD card of a Huawei phone

Everyone knows the method for locking your phone, and depending on each brand and model of phone and the technology used, we talk about locking by PIN code, by Face ID, by Touch ID, by pattern and so on.

But when it comes to locking a microSD card from a phone, few people know how. So follow this short guide to activate the microSD card lock of a phone Huawei in our case (the HUAWEI Mate 10 lite or the HUAWEI nova 2i).

When the locked microSD card is inserted into another phone for the first time, the password will be required to use the storage space or access the stored data, which makes this very easy method today very convenient and interesting!

Set the password for your microSD card:
1. Open Settings on your Huawei phone.
2. Go à Security & confidentiality > More > Set a password for the SD card and follow the onscreen instructions to set your microSD card password.

Change or delete the microSD card password:
After setting the password for your microSD card, you can also easily change it:
1. Press Change SD card password to set a new microSD card password and replace the old one.

To remove the protection and lock from your MicroSD card, press Remove SD card password to delete the current one password of your microSD card. Your microSD card will not be password protected.

That’s it, that’s all for a Huawei which includes a Micro SD slot and which obviously supports microSD cards.

In a future article, we will talk about encryption and decryption of a microSD memory card on Android phones like the Samsung galaxy s9.

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