How to send messages or photos that disappear on Instagram

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Instagram basically it’s a sharing platform. But given the importance comments and fans, the messages quickly took over. And since Instagram favors the report between the community members, this update is welcome. Influencers will appreciate the private side too, which is why the app now offers messages that disappeart. It’s the Vanish fashion!

Kezako? That means make disappear in English. And not just the messages! Images, GIFs, audio messages and even stickers. If it is private then it is possible to program the disappearance once the message has been viewed. This is what made Snapchat’s success and also why WhatsApp has launched its ephemeral messages for those who use other Android messaging services.

How to activate secret mode on Instagram messages

It’s very simple, follow the guide. Make sure you have the latest version of instagram. And for this to work, your contacts must also be up to date.

  • Launch the app
  • Go to the‘mail icon top right
  • Select the conversation where you want activate secret mode Where vanish fashion
  • Simply slide down with your finger – as with the arrows below
  • the wallpaper turns black, the secret mode is activated
  • To deactivate it, just tap on the gray button at the top

As with Snapchat, the screen prints will be reported on the other party’s device. Please also note that this vanish fashion only works for personal conversations, It is impossible activate this feature in group chats.

  1. Instagram

    Instagram, a full-fledged messenger

    This app has revolutionized photo sharing on Android. The functions provide filters and other editing tools to perfect your shots. Considering the importance of the community on Instagram, the publisher offers a advanced messaging which did not send anything to other applications. No need to leave Instagram to group or private chat, it is convenient!

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