How to Select Everything in Word: Text and Other Content

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For select all text in Word you just have to press the keys at the same timeCtrl + E”. Likewise, you have the options available on the toolbar of the program. To do this, you just have to follow the route: “Home> Select> Select all”. Another method is to place the cursor in the first paragraph of the text, press the “Shift” key (also called “Shift”) and click on the last page of the document.

Microsoft Word is the preferred tool par excellence for writing any type of document. To be faster when writing or modifying the text, it is necessary know or apply various combinations or shortcuts that optimize time and simplify processes. So if you need select all text in a large documentIn this article, you will see all the methods you have available.

With keyboard shortcuts

There are a wide variety of shortcuts and key combinations that can help you select all text in a Word document quickly, easily and simply. However, it will depend on the operating system you have at your disposal. Therefore, in the following sections you will see combinations buttons for Windows and Mac.

For windows

If you have a Windows computer and want to select all text in Word from keyboard shortcuts, you just have to choose one of these options:

  • Ctrl + E: you will select all the text of the document.
  • Ctrl + A– An alternative to Ctrl + E, which selects all text, typically used in online text editors.
  • Shift + down or up arrow: you should position cursor from paragraph or the line where the document begins, hurry the buttonGap” and hurry keep the arrow key pressed. This method is only recommended for documents that are not long, as it will take time to select more than 10 pages.
  • Ctrl + Shift + down arrow: you will select the whole paragraph.
  • Shift + right arrow.
  • Shift + left arrow.
  • Shift + Home.
  • Shift + End.

To note: The last shortcuts that were mentioned they only work to select a row or word of text. It is also necessary to mention that these combinations can be use for the tests you do in Google Docs from Google Drive.

For Mac

How to Select All Text in Word from Mac
To copy all text in Word from Mac computer, you just need to press the keysCommand + Athe same time. Another method to try is by pressing the shift key (similar to the Windows “Shift” key) and mark the down arrow or to the right for the text to be selected automatically.

From the toolbar

How to Select All Text in Word from Toolbar
If you open the Microsoft Word program, you will see that the first tab is named “Start”. In this option you will find a method to completely select the text. You should only go to the far right of the toolbar and choose “Select> Select All”. You will notice that all the text will be shaded and available for editing.

With the mouse

Use the mouse cursor it will always be an immediate option to select all text in Word. Some combinations allow completely shade text or certain lines and paragraphs. Therefore, its shortcuts will be explained in the following sections.

Shift + Cursor

To use this alternative, you must place the mouse cursor on the first line or paragraph of text. Then, Press the keyGapand click on the last line of the text (end of page). With this you will see that all the text from the start of the cursor to the last line will be selected.

Click without releasing

Another method you have is select all the text with the cursor. For that, you just need left click and hold and drag the cursor down to choose the text you are going to shade. This method works to select entire texts, choose a specific word, or shade an entire sentence.

To note: To optimize the time, this option must be applied when the document does not exceed 5 or 10 pages.

F8 key + cursor

Place the cursor at the beginning of the first paragraph, press the F8 key and click on the end of the document. You will notice that all the text between that first word and the last will be selected. Even if you click any part of the document, but you have not yet selected all of the text, press F8 again so that the whole document is shaded.

Click three times

If you double left click on a line of a particular text or word, that word will be selected. Now, if you click three times in a row, you will see that the whole paragraph will be shaded.

As you have seen, you have several methods to select all Word text with both mouse and keyboard. You should only use the one that is the most functional and practical for you based on the goal you want to achieve.

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