How to see what data Google has on you and delete it

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It is not news that most companies store data about us. Something that many people can find somewhat uncomfortable, among other things. So we’ll see how to see what data Google has on you and how to delete it.

Google has a data center that allows us to view all the information it has about us. Most of this information has been provided voluntarily by us. Although, on some occasions you may come across data that you had no idea about. We will therefore see how to see what data Google has on you and how to delete it.

The first thing we’re going to do is go straight to and log in, of course.

Once the session has started, we will have to go to the “Data and personalization” tab.

Activity and schedule

This page is really long and this is where we can visualize all our data, we will go down until we find the “Activity and timeline” section. In this section, we will find access to two quite interesting things.

  • My business: basically everything we do when we are signed in to a Google account. This includes: browsing history, searches, YouTube history, Google Assistant commands, locations, etc.
  • Chronology: is a page dedicated to the history of the places indicated on a map, with all the possible dates and details.
  • From “My activity”, we will see all our data in real time. So we will evaluate this option to enter. Once we press to enter, we can see that the data is grouped by service (, Google Maps, YouTube, etc.) and is listed in chronological order.

    Delete my data from Google

    If we click on the icon with the three vertical dots on one of the services, two options will appear “View details” or “Delete”. Here we can decide to see what data Google has on you and delete it.

    We can even go back to “Data and customize” and if we go to the “What it creates and does” section, we click on “Go to Google panel”. Here we will have a list of all the apps and services we use from Google. Everything can be expanded for more information.

    As you saw above, deleting data from the “My Activity” page can be complicated, time consuming and repetitive. Therefore, we can schedule in such a way that from time to time the data is automatically deleted.

    We’ll go to the top of “My Activity” and we’ll see “Web & App Activity”, “Location History” and “YouTube History. We press one of these options.

    And here we can configure to delete data automatically or to save as little as possible.

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