How to see everyone on Google Meet

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What there is to know

  • Click on the three dots button bottom right of the meeting screen. Select Change the stake on page and choose the bubble next to Floor tile..
  • Alternately, sidebar view shows the main speaker as well as smaller participant tiles on the side.

Seeing everyone in Google Meet at once is handy for large and small meetings. This article shows you how to see everyone in both tiled or sidebar view when joining a meeting on a computer and in a supported browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari).

To see all meeting participants at once on your screen in a grid format, choose view Tiled. This will place all participants on the screen in a grid or tiled layout.

  1. Click on the More options menu (three vertical dots) at the bottom right of the screen.
  2. Select Change the layout.
  3. Choose the bubble next to Floor tile. Use the slider to select the number of tiles to see at a time. With a personal Google Account, the default is 16 tiles, but you can choose up to 49 tiles to accommodate the number of participants.
  4. Close the dialog Change Layout clicking the X in the upper right corner (or outside the box) to display all meeting participants on your screen in a grid, as shown below.

Best for small meetings with a featured speaker, sidebar vue shows the speaker on the main part of the screen and smaller tiles of non-speaking participants in the sidebar to the right.

  1. Click on More options icon and select Layout modification.
  2. Select the Sidebar view and close the box to display the speaker on the main part of the screen and other sidebar participants.
  3. The sidebar appears on the right side of the chat window.

Other points of view to know

The other two important viewpoints to know in Google Meet help you see up to nine participants automatically or focus on the speaker.

  • Auto: This default mode displays the other participant, if there are only two participants, or automatically organizes up to nine tiles on the screen if there are more than two participants.
  • Spotlight : The Spotlight setting features the active speaker on the screen and no one else. This mode is useful for viewing a dedicated speaker when you are not actively participating.

Three Useful Google Dating Extensions You Should Know

While Google has rolled out several free enhancements to Meet, corporate users get access to more features similar to Zoom for rapid change and collaboration. If you have a free account and want a little more control without upgrading or waiting for Google Meet updates, these three add-ons can help.

Google Meet Grid View (fix)

Google Meet now has its own native grid format with Tiled view, but formerly the Google Meet Grid View extension was the workaround. The Google Meet Grid View (fix) is an updated version of the add-on that smooths out some compatibility issues with Meet’s built-in network view. This extension provides a handy shortcut for the grid view right next to the number of meeting participants at the top right of the meeting screen. A quick click of the grid icon turns off or activates tile mode and offers some advanced viewing options. It saves you the hassle of visiting the Plus menu options and allows you to see more than 49 participants at a time without a corporate account.


Google Meet comes with a chat feature that sends messages to all participants. It’s not always the best way to receive feedback or ask a question in particularly large meetings, however. Œd – Reactions for Google Meet offer a convenient way to virtually raise your hand or give a quick response with an emoji to let the speaker know you’ve heard or understood them. This could be ideal for virtual classrooms and meetings with a lot of participants.

Push to talk

In smaller, routine meetings that require active feedback, it can be difficult to manually mute and mute your mic every time. You can use the built-in key combination, Command + D, but Google Meet Push to Talk is an add-on that offers a simple one-button shortcut with the space bar. You also have the option of programming your own hotkey if you prefer a different button for microphone muting / unmuting.

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