How to see common or mutual contacts in Skype

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One of the most popular instant messaging, voice calling and video calling apps in recent years is from Microsoft. But for reasons of confidentiality, this does not allow us watch The Contacts at common or mutual of Skype in detail.

There is a way to see how many contacts or friends we have in common. However, as we mentioned above, it is not possible to see the details of these contacts. We can’t know who they are just to protect the privacy of everyone involved. Therefore, we are going to have to settle for knowing only if we have people in common and how much mutual contact we share.

Like the mutual friends we have on Skype

It is relatively easy to see the amount of mutual friends or mutual that we have with other accounts in Skype, we will have to follow this simple guide.

The first thing we’re going to do is connect to Skype from our PC as we usually would.

Now we are going to have to click on the search box which is in the upper left corner of the screen where it says “People, Groups and Messages”.

We are looking for a friend.

We will write the name of the person we want to search.

View mutual contacts on Skype.

Right below the name, the number of mutual or mutual friends they have will be displayed. In case they don’t have one, then absolutely nothing will appear.

On Mac it works the same, this is the only way to see the amount of contacts or friends we share that we have with other accounts. You cannot see detailed contacts for any account.

How to View Mutual Skype Contacts on iOS and Android

The first thing we’re going to do is sign in using the official Skype app, which we can download from the Play Store.

View your friends or mutual contacts on iOS and Android.

Once we are in the application, we will have to click on the magnifying glass button that says “Search”. In the case of iOS, we can see the search bar with the naked eye, it’s the same.

Common contacts.

Here we will enter the name of the contact we want to search for. As you can see in the search results, just below the name it tells us how many friends we have in common, obviously if we don’t, nothing will appear.

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