How to scan QR codes without third-party apps

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For years we have been using the technology of QR code for decipher information such as Url, save Passwords simply by photographing them, adding new contacts to your mobile by taking a photo of your business card or using it as aweb authenticator.

In order to be operational, the QR code absolutely must be scanned. In most cases, you need to install a third party application designed to scan this kind of codes. However, recent versions of Android devices do not require the intervention of a third-party application in order to decipher the information that the codes contain.

Follow the reading for find out how to scan QR codes without third-party apps !

A large part of Android devices include in settings of their camera the functionality of Scanning QR Codes, which as the name suggests, helps our smartphone system to read QR codes.

Complete the following steps to activate the Scan QR Codes feature.

  • Open your camera.
  • Tap the icon Settings located at the top left.
  • Activate the option Digitization QR codes.

The service will now be available for your next photo captures.

If your Android does not have the Scan QR codes feature in the camera settings, in this case you can use your app Google photo. Google Lens is a search tool already included in Google photo.

To benefit from it, justto open in full screen your Photo already taken from coded QR with Google photo, then tap the Google Lens located at the bottom of the screen, right in the center.

Note: Some devices running recent versions of Android have Google Lens search tool as the default application.

Google Lens is a multifunctional search tool that acts as a personal assistant. Google Lens features are numerous : the gratitude of objects, texts, numbers, images and photos; spot all the information related to the objects around you or display photos and images similar to yours.

You can even use it for edit photos or compare products.

  1. Google Lens

    Google Lens

    Google Lens is a real-time search tool who assists you for identify an object photographed, display information and data which are related or compare it with other similar objects.

    You can for example search for similar products to the one you just spotted in a store and compare the prices.

    Besides, Google Lens is the best tool to decrypt all your QR codes.

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