How to save web pages as PDF in Chrome or Firefox

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It’s possible save web pages as PDF in Chrome or Firefox. In this way, we can archive different websites so that we can quickly access them without the need for an internet connection.

Usually, most people decide to download a site by right-clicking on the page and then selecting “Save As.” However, it is more convenient and tidy to do it in PDF format and it is too easy to save web pages as PDF in Chrome or Firefox. We can even save a website as a PDF in Safari.

Save webpage as PDF in Chrome

To save web pages as PDF in Chrome, just open the browser and visit the website. Once we are on the specific page we want to download, we will press “Ctrl + P” and the print tab will open.

Now, instead of printing the page, we will need to click on the drop-down menu for the “Destination” option on the right side of the page. When we do, three options will appear, one of them is “Save as PDF“We just click on that option.

Once we have done that the page will change slightly and we can see that at the bottom instead of showing the “Print” option, the “Save” option now appears.

Being able to download a page as a PDF in Firefox is pretty straightforward and is pretty much the same as in the case of Chrome. We will open Mozilla Firefox and then visit the site that interests us. We are now accessing the website in question.

Save web page as PDF in Firefox

Once we are on the page we want to download. The announcement that we will have to make is to press “Ctrl + P” to open the printing options. On the right side of the screen where it says “Destination” we can click on a drop down menu. When we do, we’ll see several options. Although the only one that interests us is the one who says “Save as PDF“.

We can also choose vertical or horizontal orientation. Once we are done configuring these options. We just click on the “Save” button and will download a PD fileF on the website.

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