How to restore files from Windows.old folder in Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8/7

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If you are looking for the methods to recover your deleted files from Windows.old folder, you have come to the right place to know all about how to restore files from Windows.old folder.

Hai, how all of you, hope all is well. Coming to the topic of the day is to restore files from windows.old folder is the task as users are eager to know the process of restoring files from old Windows folder. There can be various reasons that lead to make files disappear in Windows, it could be due to updating system or formatting files by mistake etc. are some of the reasons which lead to loss of files from windows.old folder.

Restoring files from the Windows.old folder preview

Here, I will explain to you the clear ways and reasons that lead to file loss and also show you the various alternatives to restore files along with a clear explanation on the topic, then let’s get into the topic.

Why do files disappear from Windows.old folder?

There are three to four reasons why files in windows.old folder go missing, so if such thing happens then you don’t have to worry, there are reasons which will hide or get wiped from the system. Here are the reasons that will hide the files.

Update windows:

While windows update windows, files will be sent to their original location or where they are placed during download, so the system update will then be placed in its old location, so you have to look for this file in hidden folders so make sure that the files present in the system are hidden or not. If so, look in the files folder which will allow you to find the files you need.

Hidden files:

Some files are configured to be hidden, they can be private for you or the files contain special content which will cause you to place them in hidden folders. The files downloaded from the third party apps will be hidden in some special places which was the reason why the files will be hidden. You can find the folder by looking for the name of the folder in the “control panel” which is present in the file explorer. Then you can find the files you are looking for.

Due to malware:

The malware attack containing the worms which will destroy not only some system files also attacks all the files present in the system. Once the malware attack appears, this will be the reason why all the files in the windows will be destroyed. It is therefore preferable to define an antivirus which will be a precaution so that the worms cannot distract the files it contains. So plz download the best antivirus which will protect files in windows.old folder.

File corruption:

The corruption of the files in the system will happen while you are working in the files suddenly the power supply cuts out which leads to the crash of the files in the system. This action is performed accidentally, which means not intentionally if the power suddenly turns off. but if you turn off the system before shutting it down, some of the operations will be performed in the background which will lead to file corruption, so it is better to make sure that the system shuts down before the task is finished .

So these are the main reasons which can be behind the files which will lead to loss of files from windows.old folder and also from the system. In my experience, it is better to save or place the additional USB drive. or other alternatives.

Working methods to recover deleted files from Windows.old folder:

If your question is, can we recover the files from the Windows.old folder?

Then the answer is “YES”. So I am here to provide a clear way to overcome such situations. There are alternatives which will help you to overcome such situation of restoring files. So I will let you know the ways to restore. Here are some of the solutions to restore files from windows.old folder.

Solution 1.

Restore deleted files using manual process:

  • As you are familiar with your system, enter the system partition.
  • There you can see the option like “windows.old folder, then choose the folder you need.”
  • Name this folder as you named it before.
  • Click on the files you need to copy all the required files.
  • Paste the files into the new folder and move or copy the same files to another USB drive.

Maximize important files in the additional drive, the same problem will only be encountered with files available in the drive. So if it is the manual method of restoring files.

Solution 2.

Recover deleted files using automatic process:

  1. Restore files from windows.old folder task automatically opens my computer folder
  2. There is an option available on the screen such as Troubleshoot.
  3. Then click Run the personal file recovery troubleshooter.
  4. Then all the files will be available on the screen then
  5. Copy the files you need, then paste them where they belong.

So this is the process that will automatically restore the files from the windows.old folder. so that it is the best manual process and file restoration takes less time.

Solution 3.

Restoring files via “EaseUS file recovery software”:

Click on EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard and follow the instructions below.

  • Open the Folders app and then select specific folders, for example if the file is related to audio, select the audio files, or if the file is related to video or pictures, select the specific folder. Then scan the required folders. Once you have completed the task, follow the next step:

Preview and select files

  • Once the scan is complete, you can see all the files that will be available there. Then select the required files that you expect, then confirm the files by previewing them twice, then follow the next step.

Restoring the required data:

  • Once you are done previewing the files, go for the recovery option which will allow you to recover the lost data and then the files will be available.

Final conclusion:

So these are the methods and solutions that will allow windows.oldfolder data recovery in three methods. Use as per your perception, but all three will serve the same purpose, but as per their wish, the only thing required is just some knowledge to search in Google. hahaha!

In my experience, it is best to save the data in the additional drive which will be the best precaution which will back up the data which is essential and serves the purpose. Thank you for watching. See you guys, have a nice day.

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