How to Resize or Reduce Photos on iPhone and iPad

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Thanks to the iOS photos application, we can switch or reduce the Cut of Pictures at iPhone Yes iPad. The process is quick and easy, especially since we’ll be creating a shortcut to save time.

Resize Photos on iPhone Using Shortcuts

When we want to change or reduce the size of photos on iPhone, we can use the shortcuts or shortcuts to make the process easier. Thanks to this, we can create our own tools and simplify various processes.

Thanks to the shortcuts, we can create simple automated actions that follow processes that we have pre-established.

For this we will have to open the Shortcuts app on iPhone or iPad. We go to “My shortcuts” and click on the “+” button located in the upper right corner of the screen.

Add an action.

Here we will have to click on “Add an action”.

Reduce the size of the image or photo.

Now we will need to add “Change image size”.

We select Image.

In this section, we will need to customize the action that the shortcut will do. For that, we will have to click on “Image”.

Direct access entrance.

A pop-up window will appear where we will have to choose the option that says “Direct Access Entry”, which means we can change the size of any image.

What we are going to do now will be decide the width and height. By default, it comes with a width of 640 pixels and an automatic height that will adapt.

Change photo size on iOS.  In this way, we can resize iPhone photos.

Here we can press the “640” to change the default and set whatever we want. We can also configure to “Ask every time” that we use it. Ideally, this option is precisely what it asks of us every time we go to reduce the size of an image or photo.

Another thing that is good to leave as the default is “Auto Height”, this way we make sure the photo is always viewed correctly.

Add more actions.

If we click on the “+” sign, we can add a new action.

Save to photo album.

Here we are going to look for the “Save to Photo Album” action.

Therefore, by default the shortcut will reduce photo size and then he’ll save it in the photo album without us having to do much more.

Options menu.

But we are not done yet, we need to create the shortcut. For that, we press on the menu with the three dots which is in the upper right corner.

Name of the shortcut.

We will have to put a name for the shortcut at the top and then we will have to move the switch of the option “Show in sheet to share”.

We have everything ready to reduce or resize any photo on iPhone.

Once we’ve finished setting everything up, we’ll just hit “Done” in the top right corner of the screen.

In the shortcut screen, we will also have to press “Done” again.

Once the shortcut is created, we will go to the Photos app on our device.

Here we will have to select the photo whose size we want to change and then click on the “Share” button located in the lower left corner of the screen.

We select the shortcut or direct access that we created earlier.

A small window opens and we will have to scroll until we find the shortcut we just created, it will have the name we gave it previously.

We add the new size to change the photo on iPhone.

We click on it and it will ask us to put the pixels we want the resized image to have.

Now the shortcut will change the size of the photo (s) and they will be automatically saved in the “Recent” album in the Photos app.

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