How to Report or Report a User on Discord

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One of the most used apps for communicating with other people, especially if you are a gamer, is obviously Discord. The problem is that, as in all communities, there are always people who do not respect the rules, let alone who respect others. This is where you have to be very clear how to report or report a Discord user.

It’s no surprise that sometimes a misunderstanding or a different opinion ends up generating a somewhat more complex and even violent dispute. It is at this moment that the point is reached where it is essential to signal the attitude of said user.

Report or report a user on Discord from a mobile device.

The way to report a user on Discord from a mobile device is quite similar whether you’re doing it from an iPhone or Android.

The first thing to do is start the Discord app. Once started, we will have to go to the icon that is just below on the right and we will enter “Settings”.

Application settings.

We are going to scroll down and we will find the “Application Settings” tab and we will need to open it.


In this screen, we will have to select “Behavior”. Once we are in “Cat behaviorWe will need to change the option to “Developer Mode” by moving the switch to the right side so that it appears as enabled.

Developer mode.

After activating the “developer mode” we will have to search for the message of the person we want to report. When we find him, we will open his profile and at the bottom we will copy the “ID” of that person.

Copy the user ID to Discord from the mobile.  This way we can flag or report a Discord user.

To copy the message ID, we will need to press and hold the message, then we will click Share.

Copy the ID of the message we will report.

We select “Copy to clipboard”. We will now need to paste the user ID and message ID in the “Description” box of the “Trust and Security Center” menu and describe the problem.

Report a user from the Windows app

Discord Settings for Windows.

We will open Discord and sign in with our account, then we will need to click on the “Settings” icon located in the lower left corner of the screen.

Developer mode enabled in Discord for Windows.

We will need to scroll down to the “Advanced” section and we will need to make sure that the “Developer Mode” is “On”.

We locate the user's message.

Now we’ll need to find the post that you think violates Discord’s guidelines.

Copy the user ID.

We will right click on the person’s name and then click on “Copy ID”.

The ID of the message we are going to report to Discord.

We will need to save this ID, so it would be advisable to use a notepad to write it down.

This way we can flag or report a Discord user.

Then we go back to Discord and we will need to click on the three ellipses that are on the right side of the post and select “Copy post link”.

We will paste the message with the previous ID into Notepad. Now we have everything ready so we can report user in the Confidence and Security team. If it’s not a specific post you want to report, just use the user id and indicate why you are reporting it.

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