How to replace the battery of an iPhone 6?

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If your iPhone 6’s battery is starting to show weaknesses or you are experiencing difficulty charging, it is probably time to have it replaced if you want to be able to enjoy the power again.battery life of your smartphone, but also of all its functionalities in an optimal way. This procedure is not only reserved for professionals, if you want to change it yourself, this article explains how to do it.

Why change the battery of your iPhone 6?

It is obvious that if your Iphone 6 works as on the first day, there is no need to change the battery. However, if you notice that your device is unusually slow to perform tasks that are quite usual, if your iPhone no longer turns on for no apparent reason or if the battery holds much less than before, it is better to opt for a battery change rather than buying a new device when yours may still perform very well for many years to come.

What is the lifespan of a battery?

IPhone 6, like most smartphones, is equipped with a lithium ion battery designed to allow a limited number of recharging cycles before eventually deteriorating and thus losing autonomy. The battery is also one of the components of smartphones the most subject to wear.

While some rare users manage to make their battery last around 5 years, it is estimated that the average battery life is 3 years.

Replacing the iPhone 6 battery alone, a good or bad idea?

Although changing the battery is not an insurmountable difficulty, that of the iPhone 6 is not removable, it is still necessary to have some technical skills and good tools to replace it. Thus, improper handling may damage the screen or other components, first make sure you have the right tools (suction cup, pliers, spatula, pentalobe screwdriver, etc.), a good dose of patience and a minimum of skill before embarking blindly on such an adventure.

What can you try before replacing the iPhone 6 battery?

Before going for the drastic battery change solution, some iPhone 6 users have found that the user experience can be greatly improved by resetting the phone settings (click here if you want to know how reset an iPhone). To do this, go to Settings > General > Reset all settings. Your content will not be deleted and you will only have to redo the initial configuration. If despite this manipulation the slowdowns of your device remain the same, all you have to do is replace the battery.

The different steps to replace the iPhone 6 battery

Do you have the right tools at hand and a new battery with the right specifications? So let’s go, here’s how to change the battery of your iPhone 6:

  1. Switch off your device and remove the SIM card.
  2. Using your pentalobe screwdriver, remove the two small screws located on either side of the charging connector.
  3. If you have a suction cup clip, place them on the bottom of the phone while staying above the Home button. Once the suction cups are in place, tighten the clamp until the glass and LCD screen unit detaches from the chassis. If you do not have this type of pliers, do not panic, get a suction cup equipped with a ring that you can slightly pull until you can insert the plastic lever between the glass and the frame of the iPhone.
  4. With the plastic lever, gently perform the outline of the iPhone 6 by gently levering it to lift the glass and LCD unit from the bottom (be careful, the unit is not yet detached from the chassis. Do not pull on it in order to do not damage the connection cables or the connectors).
  5. Lift to approximately 90 ° then, using the Phillips screwdriver, remove the five top screws that hold the metal plate used to protect the screen cables and remove the latter.

replace battery iphone 6

  1. Disconnect the Facetime tablecloth with the plastic lever then that of the Home button.
  2. Finally, unclip the LCD and Touch cables which are located below.
  3. Remove the screen completely.
  4. To remove the battery, unscrew the screws that secure it with a Phillips screwdriver.
  5. With the tweezers, remove the metal plate.
  6. Disconnect the battery connector with the plastic lever.
  7. At the bottom of the battery are 3 white tabs. Gently pull on it to release the battery from the chassis.
  8. Gradually roll up these tabs to stay as close as possible to the battery while avoiding cutting them.
  9. The battery should then come off on its own. If not, feel free to use a plastic card to pry and remove it.
  10. Apply the battery stickers and replace the battery.
  11. Reassemble the iPhone 6 screen by making a very light twist with your fingers on the cable connector to make sure it is straight before reconnecting it to the motherboard.
  12. After reassembly, perform a forced restart to avoid several problems and simplify troubleshooting.
  13. Finally, in order to give your iPhone 6 optimal performance after replacing the battery, calibrate the battery by letting it charge to 100% and leaving it charging for two more hours. Then use your iPhone without recharging it until the battery is completely empty. Then recharge it without interrupting the charge up to 100%.

Now save your new battery by adopting the right reflexes

Your battery replacement is now complete, your iPhone 6 is almost like new, but beware of do not abuse too much applications and network connections if you want to keep it for several years. Be careful to stay vigilant about the number of windows you open because they are the ones that are particularly greedy in battery.

As far as possible, turn off wifi after use as well as at night, make sure to do the operating system updates offered by the apple brand, lower the screen brightness, quickly put the screen to sleep, etc. (find here the best tips to save your iphone battery).

If, despite this repair, you still find that your iPhone 6 is lacking in energy and no longer responds to the user experience it gave you so far, sell it to us (we have a section of the site edited at phone redemption) and take advantage of the money from its resale to offer you a more recent refurbished iPhone! Like a iPhone X or one iPhone 11 for example.


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