How to remove blank or blank lines in Word

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Remove empty lines or empty in Microsoft Word Manually this can be a headache. If we have to do this in multiple documents, it will also become a waste of time. Fortunately, there is a way to do this automatically.

In this way, we can eliminate all blank or blank lines in Word within seconds. This method can even be used to eliminate anything repeating in your documents, eliminating the need to do it manually.

What are Blank Lines in Microsoft Word

Word adds a hidden tag called “Paragraph tagAt the end of each line break, this happens every time we give “Enter”. There is a way to see these labels, for that we will have to click on the paragraph icon in the “Home” tab of Word. The icon looks like an upside down P with two lines.

So once we can see them, we’ll just use the “Find and Replace” option in Word to be able to remove double labels with just one. In this way, we can eliminate blank or blank lines in Word.

The first thing we are going to do is activate the “Examples of paragraph marks” option by clicking on the upside down P-shaped icon with two lines in the “Home” tab.

Paragraph marks samples.

Next, we will click on “Replace” in the “Home” tab.

Replace empty lines.

A new window opens and in the “Find what” box we will have to add “^ p ^ p” without the quotes. In the box “Replace with” we will have to put “^ p” and then we simply click on “Replace all” at the bottom.

Here is how to remove blank lines in Word

A pop-up window will appear when you’re done, we just click “OK”. Now everything empty lines will be deleted of your document.

If you see more empty lines, it means there are more than two consecutive empty or empty lines. In this case, we will have to repeat the process until all the extra rows are removed.

You can even try adding as much ^ p as you feel is necessary until you can leave the document the way you want.

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