how to reduce the brightness below the minimum?

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This handy iPhone trick allows you to reduce your screen brightness beyond what is normally possible, to rest your eyes when reading on your smartphone or iPad at night. And all without requiring Jailbreak.

It’s extremely easy to turn down the brightness on your iPhone screen. On iOS, you just have to go to the control center and lower the button linked to the brightness, just to the left of the one dedicated to the sound volume.

On the other hand, and you may have noticed, the minimum brightness of an iPhone is not particularly impressive. Late at night, this brightness can strain your eyes, even when Night shift (the blue light filter on iOS) is active. Rest assured, there is a little known trick to lower this brightness even further. There she is.

How to reduce brightness below minimum on iPhone?

Here is the procedure to follow to be able to enjoy your iPhone with a lower brightness than normal. Note that this tutorial was made on iOS 15.

  • First, go to Settings then Accessibility.

  • In the submenu Vision, touch Zoom. Then activate the option of the same name. Be careful ⚠️ you are going to have a very zoomed-in screen, don’t worry, that’s normal.

How to reduce brightness below minimum on iPhone

  • Tap on your screen with three fingers (triple tap) twice in a row to reset the full screen. Scroll down, then touch Zoom filter.
  • Finally touch Low lighting. The brightness will go down.

How to reduce brightness below minimum on iPhone

From now on, double tap with three fingers on your screen to display a sub-menu dedicated to the zoom functionality.

  • Press on Choose a filter then on Low lighting to activate low light. Press on Choose a filter then on No to return to normal.

How to reduce brightness below minimum on iPhone

There you are, now you know how to lower the brightness of your iPhone to its maximum without having to do a Jailbreak. As you may have noticed, this process requires you to experiment a bit with the iPhone’s zoom functionality, which can lead to some small errors or inconsistencies at first (zooming too hard on the screen, etc.) .

If your iPhone screen is very zoomed in and you can’t see anything, double-tap the screen with three fingers, keep all three fingers pressed, and slide them down to the bottom of the screen.

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