How to recover an email sent by mistake in spam

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Do your newsletters and some of your important emails end up irretrievably in your spam folder? You wonder why some emails from a legitimate sender don’t reach your inbox. Here is a trick to recover an email sent by mistake in spam.

Report messages mistakenly identified as spam

Sending spam is a real scourge on the internet. Every day our mailboxes are flooded with advertising messages and malicious emails (phishing, malware, viruses). To fight against this calamity, most online messaging platforms integrate more or less effective anti-spam filter systems.

So as soon as an email arrives, the spam filter will try to identify potentially unwanted messages and then place them in a special folder. Unfortunately filter systems are not always perfect.

Occasionally, legitimate messages are mistakenly flagged as spam. Obviously this is not without posing some problems. You risk missing out on important information.

Not to mention the time wasted (several tens of minutes) rummaging through the hundreds of messages placed in the junk folder looking for an important e-mail. The good news is that this kind of scenario can be avoided.

Save the email address of your contacts in your directory

Email platform spam filters offer different levels of protection. By default, all emails from a contact saved in your address book are excluded from the filtering system and automatically placed in the inbox.

This tip should prevent you from seeing your important messages terminated in the spam box. It may seem trivial, but the same should be done with the email addresses of the newsletters to which you have subscribed. It may seem tedious but it is essential to be sure to receive these newsletters.

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