How to recover a phone that won’t turn on

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It’s clear that when we roote the phone, we won a number of very interesting advantages,otherwise it would not make sense to do so. Among these advantages are able to improve the performance of the device, in addition to the battery life, change the firmware to a custom ROM, not to mention the hundreds of useful applications that are exclusive to root users. The problem that some people have is that after rooting the device, it doesn’t want not light up in any way, wellthat the recovery mode and the down charge mode continue to work in the case of Samsung, but does not turn on in normal mode and we try to recover the phone.

Causes my phone won’t turn on after rooting it

It is possible that when you rooted the mobile you used a file that was not specifically for the model, keep in mind that one thing is the trade name that the device has and another very different is the model of the same. Sometimes to root an application is used, in other programs and in another you need to add certain files, keep this detail in mind.

In case your phone does not turn on in any way the only option left is to simply download new firmware and installing it, basically flashing the phone again with some stock ROM.

Besides everything we have mentioned above one more thing we can add is that it is essential to get all of our data back before we start doing any kind of root related thing. Not to mention when we install a custom ROM that it does or if we lose files, photos, videos, etc.

It is rare, even if you don’t turn on your phone after rooting, it is rare to happen if you have the right tutorial and followed it to the letter. Remember that in the blog you have a lot of tutorials to learn how to root a wide variety of mobile phones, with different models, etc.

We recommend you install new firmware on your mobile phone, then search the top where the magnifying glass is a specific tutorial for your mobile phone model, not for the trade name to get your phone, but for the model.

In these cases, the only solution is to reinstall the firmware. In case you have a Samsung, you must have the Odin program in order to perform this process. Each brand has a different program and each device has a firmware or system.

What you have to do is search a ROM or firmware of the specific model of your device. Remember, we are not talking about the name on the phone. For example: Samsung Galaxy S6. But we are talking about the model of it.

After having the firmware, you have to flash the phone and if you do it right you will see how it works again without any kind of problems.

recover mobile does not turn on

Why my phone does not work after root

Obviously we can’t put the whole process here as we don’t know which phone you have. But in we have repeatedly published tutorials on how to root different devices and how to install the firmware either official or personalized on phones of different brands like Samsung, Sony, LG, Huawei, Motorola, Xiaomi,etc.

Flashing firmware isn’t that complicated either. In fact, it’s just a matter of following the tutorials and the most important thing is that you have the firmware of your phone model. That the process is not interrupted either due to a lack of battery or a failure of the USB cable. So we recommend that you have even if it is 80% battery and you are using the original USB cable which never fails in terms of connection.

In extreme cases, you will have no choice but to take the device to technical service. But if your phone won’t turn on after rooting. Don’t worry, this is the solution even a professional would use. This is the only way to register your phone and in fact with a good tutorial it is easier than you might imagine.

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