How to record video on Android with background music

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As you probably already know, your smartphone will automatically pause music as soon as you start recording a video with Android’s photo app. This situation is not without some problems. Here is a workaround to record music played on Android phone while shooting video.

Why does the music cut off as soon as we film?

Video has become the preferred communication format for many Internet users, especially on social networks. On Facebook alone, more than 4 billion videos are viewed daily.

This craze coincides with the democratization of smartphones. Today there is no need to have audiovisual skills or very expensive equipment to create a small film with a professional and captivating rendering. Cameras built into phones have made great strides in recent years.

Android smartphones ultimately only have one small flaw. As soon as you try to make a video in the Camera application, all playing music stops automatically, regardless of the player used.

For example, it is impossible to film outdoors while dancing to the latest trendy music. Likewise, you won’t be able to capture a beautiful scenery while recording your favorite song.

Obviously this type of device may seem useful, especially to avoid problems related to copyright on social platforms. Also, not everyone necessarily wants to record music while they’re filming.

Play song and record video at the same time

You do not feel the soul of a chief editor? The applications of video montage seem a little too complex to use? Be aware that there is a workaround to add background music to video recording.

  • Open your favorite music app
  • Play the song of your choice
  • Then open the Camera app
  • Drag the tab menu placed just above the shutter button to the left
  • Select video mode
  • Press the red button to start recording the video
  • The music will cut off automatically
  • Then open the notifications panel by sliding your finger from the top to the bottom of the screen
  • You should see the controls your music player in Android quick settings
  • Click the play button to resume streaming the song

Your phone will record your video as well as the music playing in the background. However, be sure to adjust the speaker volume of your phone and unplug your headphones. For best results, you will need to remove the few seconds at the start of the video.

Keep in mind, however, that the sound recorded from your smartphone speakers sometimes lacks depth. The fault often lies with the speakers of smartphones which generally offer rather poor sound quality. But this trick is still a great alternative to video editing apps.

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