How to read an ODT format file on iPhone, Android, PC and Mac

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Have you received or downloaded a file in ODT format and do not know how to read it? Chances are you will try to play it on an iPhone, Android smartphone or Mac as the problem is less when you are on a PC. In this article we will see the best way to read .odt files regardless of the device you are using.

A ODT file is a text document format that can be created by various word processing software, such as the Writer program of the OpenOffice and LibreOffice suites. It can contain different elements such as text, images as well as graphics. It is therefore an open alternative to the .doc or .docx format from Microsoft (Office) which is a proprietary format.

How to open an .odt file on Android, iPhone and on PC

If you are on a Windows PC, you should have no problem opening a file in ODT format for the simple reason that it is compatible with the WordPad application which is installed by default on all Windows machines. You can also open an ODT file with the Writer application of OpenOffice or LibreOffice on PC or Mac.

The Microsoft Office suite is also capable of reading .odt files. However, you might encounter the inability to read the format if you are on a smartphone.

Read odt files on Android and iOS

Many tasks, even professional ones, can be done today from a smartphone or tablet. You received an ODT file but cannot open it on Android or iOS. The procedure to solve the problem is the same: you just need to install an office application capable of reading the format. There are several: you can install the Microsoft Word application from the app store where the Play store. The application is fully capable of reading ODT format.

Several alternatives exist, but it is the most complete application that will also allow you to convert the file to .doc or .docx by doing Save as and changing the format. There are several other alternatives. We invite you to read our article on the best office applications on Android.

Finally, also note that the applications of the Google suite are capable of reading ODT files. If you have Google Drive installed on your smartphone, just import the document there and open it with Google Docs.

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