How to Quickly Respond to Instagram Stories on Android

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instagram celebrates its 12 years old this year and it’s there 2nd most loaded app in the world after TikTok. When launched, it was share your photos. And this medium remains at the heart of its activity with nearly 63% of the content shared. Waiting, Meta continues to develop the Android application for facilitate comments and exchanges. With the Stories in particular, because they are only visible 24 hours.

It may seem surprising, but the Likes were not available on Stories, until very recently. It was only possible to react with emojis and engage in private conversation. Convenient for companies that want promote products and services. Especially since it is possible to add a link to an Instagram story, very practical for promotions for example. But for quick reactions like the crush, we tell you everything.

How to Display a Quick Reaction on an Instagram Story

To be sure to have all possible options, it is recommended to update your instagram on Android. You will find a link of free download at the bottom of the tutorial.

  • Tap the account profile that you follow
  • You should see the window as below

Liking a Story on Android is now possible!

In addition to sending messages where there are many animations like the example below, there is now the little heart. Just tap on it as on a normal Publication. Tapping again will also remove your Like. For remove multiple likes at once on Instagramwe have another Android tutorial.

Finally it is possible to like a Story on Instagram for Android

Of course, if you are very active or active on Instagram, it is possible to count the Likes. Here’s how:

  • Tap your Story icon on the home screen on the top corner left
  • You will come across your last Story with a notification bottom left in case of heartbreak
  • Tap this subscriber’s icon and you will arrive on the list of visits and Likes

How to Find the Number of Likes on an Instagram Story

There you go, good luck with your Likes!

  1. instagram

    Instagram, a network as much as a photo app

    More and more readers have made Instagram’s Choice to share pictures on android principally. Given the number of filters available, suggest quality photos has become simple and attractive. As a result, the brands got involved and story mode is conducive to special offersso keep an eye out for those and if you like, let us know.

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