how to put a single page in landscape mode

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Managing page orientation in Word is quite easy. You can choose to put the pages in landscape or portrait mode. But once chosen, this modification applies to all pages. How to put just one in the landscape? This is what we will see in this tutorial.

Sometimes the orientation of a page in Word must be different from that of the other pages of the document. By default, documents in Word are in Portrait orientation, but often times you need to change the orientation of a particular page by putting it in Landscape mode. For example, to have more room to insert a table.

While it’s easy to change the orientation of the pages to landscape or portrait, the changes apply to the entire document. But it is also possible to apply it only to the desired pages.

Word: how to change the orientation of a single page

Before showing how to put a single page in Landscape or Portrait mode in Word, here is already how to do it for the whole document:

Word Landscape

  • Go to the tab Layout in the top menu
  • On the left, select the option Orientation
  • Choose between Portrait and Landscape mode

Put a single page in landscape mode

To change the orientation of a particular page relative to the rest of the document, simply insert a page break. The modification therefore applies to the following page:

  • Go to the page preceding the one whose orientation you want to change.
  • Go to the menu Layout.
  • Click on Page break then on Next page.Word page break
  • The cursor is positioned automatically on the next page. Click on orientation, still in the Layout menu and select Landscape to change the orientation of the current page only.

As you can see, the change only applies to the current page and not to the whole document. There is also another method to do this.

Change the orientation of a single page in the Margins

  • Select the entire page for which you want to change the orientation, then click Layout> Margins and select Custom Margins. at the bottom of the flap that opens.
  • In the section Orientation from the opened dialog box, click Landscape.
  • Below, at section level To apply to : click on the option To selected text.

Word: apply Landscape to a single page

That’s it that’s all. Word will apply the orientation only to the current page. These are the two methods that allow you to change orientation by considering only the desired page and not the whole document.

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