How to properly listen to audio messages on WhatsApp

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Like the voice recordings are so simple on WhatsApp, many users use it – all the time! This is faster than typing, It’s certain. But above all it allows you to add a tone on important messages. Joy, disappointment, anger… it all works best when it’s vocal, doesn’t it?

On the other hand, it’s frustrating when we can’t listen to them, there are several possible reasons for this. We know it listed and for each to be her, you will find a AndroidLista solution. And if that really doesn’t work, then follow the guide because Telegram is a very good alternative to WhatsApp in 2021.

Is the volume of the device audible?

It may seem obvious but quite regularly the users mute the sound to avoid being disturbed. So the voice messages are going to play but without volume. So please start by checking this because it is the basics of Androidlista. Usually checks on the side of the phone. Then on the screen with the fluorescent highlighting. In the same way a Bluetooth earpiece may have gained the upper hand. Please check that too.

Restarting the phone can solve a lot of problems

Another evidence but with the members of the family who touch your phone without your knowledge and install apps on the sly, restart Android is the second step. You risk getting conflicts between couriers who have access to audio functions.

Permission issues or lack of storage space?

If the 2 steps below did not solve the problem, you will have to dig into the your android settings. Again, follow the guide. In the Apps and Notifications section, locate WhatsApp SVP. Make sure that all permissions are ok. Still in the settings, your storage does not saturate? Same, in fluorescent highlighting.

Last resort, update WhatsApp or re-install

Likewise, it’s very simple, but deleting an app then reinstall from play store can solve any problem quickly. Especially since the original configurations can be saved. Simply check the box otherwise you lose everything and that’s boring.

  1. Whatsapp messenger

    Whatsapp messenger

    Whatsapp messenger is undoubtedly the multimedia messaging most used in the world. Not only can you send messages for free through your Wifi network or your 5/4 / 3G package. In addition to this, it is possible to share audio or video messages – as well as photos or jokes for those around you. WhatsApp is the Facebook owned and the private data are now a point of honor for the American giant. So try messaging if you don’t know!

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