How to print an SMS conversation on a smartphone

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There are basically two techniques for printing sms on a smartphone that can be used easily with effective results. The first is to go through the means available directly in the telephone. The second, more convincing, is to use a service designed for this.

Use the tools built into the smartphone

Each smartphone has a function called ” screenshot “, which allows you to take a photograph of what is displayed in front of your eyes. From there it is very easy to take a snapshot of a chosen conversation:

  • Select a series of SMS exchanges that you want to make the impression;
  • Take the screenshot, as many times as necessary (especially if the conversation is long): in general, the manipulation consists of clicking the corresponding icon on the home screen, or simultaneously pressing the buttons. power and volume, or hospitality;
  • Find the photographs taken in your gallery, crop them, name them, classify them, if you wish;
  • Finally, you just have to print them from your device if it is connected to a printer via wifi, Bluetooth, or by a cable. Otherwise, you can email them to yourself and print from a computer.

The disadvantage of this technique, even if it is quite immediate to print SMS, is its approximate rendering, sometimes of poor quality depending on the phone model and the printing means used. This may prove to be insufficient when one hopes for a result equal to the written exchanges, or when the SMS conversation must be used for official purposes, in particular in court.

Use dedicated software

Fortunately, external solutions have been developed for this purpose: precise applications or software, with flawless rendering, to which all those who seek how to print a sms conversation.

These tools are designed to print sms on a smartphone. One of the most popular, the MySMS Book application, allows you to keep a record in paper or even digital format of your thousands of messages: it takes care of the smallest details of archiving, the desired layout, and the final impression, for a flawless result. The handling is immediate:

  • First, download the MySMSBook application, then install it;
  • Select any SMS conversation, WhatsApp or Messenger ;
  • Make all the customization choices (layout, cover, color, etc.);
  • Indicate the delivery details (you can even have the book shipped as a gift to the person you want);
  • Check your entire book, and you’re done!

The importance of keeping track

Our exchanged text messages tell our story, our life. Losing them or seeing them erased during a technical problem or a change of telephone, is to see part of our shared memories disappear. It is because these words have a real value that it is important to be able to keep them.

Precious memories to keep

The texts we send and receive are there to remind us of intense moments of laughter and friendship, moments of love and tenderness that count like no other. But storing them only in the small space of our phones does not pay homage to the value they have in our eyes: this is why printing SMS, owning or giving a book that contains these treasures, will be a unique and personal gift, during a birthday, for example.

An official document for various appeals

Today, courts recognize the validity of text messages as written records: they can be used as evidence and testify to a situation or a commitment. It is therefore essential to be able to have a reliable copy in litigious cases, whether in the family or professional domain.

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