How to play Klee in Genshin Impact

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Klee is one of the youngest members of the Knights of Favonius in Genshin impact. Using a Pyro vision, she creates explosions that leave a path of destruction in her wake. This often causes her problems with Jean, who puts her in isolation. Here’s how to play Klee in Genshin impact.

Attacks and skills

Attack: Kaboom! – Klee uses a catalyst and throws explosives that deal AOE Pyro damage. This can be done in a 3 part chain. If this attack is charged, a high powered explosive laser is fired instead, at the expense of stamina.

Elemental Skill: Jumpy Dumpty – This ability launches a bomb that bounces three times, dealing damage each time it bounces. At the end of the third bounce, the bomb explodes in 8 mines. If these mines come in contact with an enemy, they explode, dealing AOE Pyro damage. This skill has 2 charges.

Elemental Blast: Sparks ‘n’ Splash – When the Elemental Shard has finished casting, Klee summons sparks that attack nearby enemies. These last for 10 seconds and deal AOE Pyro damage. These sparks will disappear if Klee leaves the battlefield.

Passive talents

Overwhelming Surprise: Ascension 1 – When Jumpy Dumpty and normal attacks inflict DMG, Klee has a 50% chance to get an Explosive Spark. This explosive spark is consumed by the next charged attack, which costs no endurance and deals 50% more DMG.

Sparkling Blast: Ascension 4 – When Klee’s charged attack results in a CRIT, all party members gain 2 elemental energy.

All my treasures! – Displays the location of nearby resources unique to Mondstadt on the minimap.

Impact of Klee Genshin


C1: Chain reactions – Attacks and skills have a certain chance to summon sparks that bombard opponents, inflicting DMG equal to 120% of Sparks ‘n’ Splash DMG.

C2: Explosive kills – Getting hit by Jumpy Dumpty’s Mines decreases opponent’s DEF by 23% for 10s.

C3: exquisite compound – Increases Jumpy Dumpty’s level by 3. The maximum level is 15.

C4: Sparkling Explosion – If Klee leaves the field during the duration of Sparks ‘n’ Splash, his departure triggers an explosion that inflicts 555% of his ATK as AoE Pyro DMG.

C5: Nova Burst – Increases the level of Sparks ‘n’ Splash by 3. The maximum level is 15.

C6: Flamboyant delight – While under the effect of Sparks ‘n’ Splash, other party members will continuously regenerate energy. When Sparks ‘n’ Splash is used, all party members will gain a 10% Pyro DMG bonus for 25s.

Artifacts and constructions for Klee

Fittingly, Klee benefits greatly from the Crimson Witch of Flames artifact set. This optimizes his Pyro damage and gives him bonuses to cause elemental interactions. Another way to build Klee is with Gladiator’s 2-piece Finale and 2-piece Crimson Witch of Flames. Look for secondary stats in Crit Rating, Critical Damage, and Attack. It is also beneficial to find a goblet with a Pyro damage bonus.

Klee’s kit focuses on the damage dealt by AOE Pyro. Each of his abilities and attacks are designed to deal with large groups of enemies. His kit also allows him to be a primary DPS. She has high damage that can easily be paired with other Support DPS like Fischl and Bennett. It’s also important to remember that Klee’s Elemental Burst will disappear if it leaves the battlefield.

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