How to play fast WhatsApp voicemail messages?

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It would be wrong to think that the developers of WhatsApp are sleeping on their laurels by thinking that their more than two million users are definitively acquired. Always on the lookout for innovations that they could integrate into the application to make it more useful and unbeatable, the technicians behind the success of WhatsApp have added a new feature that concerns voice messages. This is the “accelerated voice messages” function which consists of increasing the reading speed of voice messages received in a WhatsApp chat.

Why read accelerated voicemail messages on WhatsApp?

Audio messages are a communication option that is convenient for many WhatsApp users when they do not have time to devote to a written conversation. Thus, in the same way that they send audio messages to their interlocutors online, they also receive them from them.

However, listening to audio messages lasting several minutes can become something very annoying or painful in certain cases (lack of time, disinterest, lack of speech by the interlocutor, slow speech rate, etc.). This is the reason why the developers of WhatsApp created the function “accelerated voice messages” (WhatsApp Fast Playback in English). Said function is very easy to use and saves time in listening to voice messages without deteriorating their voice quality.

How to play accelerated voicemail messages on WhatsApp?

The process to speed up a voice message on WhatsApp can be described as follows:

  • Go to the WhatsApp chat where you received a voicemail message and download the voicemail message if you haven’t already. Then press the “Play” icon to start playing the voice message.
Click_on_the_bouton_de_lecture - © Credit:

Click_on_the_bouton_de_lecture – © Credit:

  • Press the “1x” button (this is the accelerator button) that appears at the far right of the voicemail message.
Acceleration_button - © Credit:

Acceleration_button – © Credit:

  • If you do so, the playback speed will increase to “1.5x”. You will automatically notice that the sender now speaks faster than when he started.
1.5x acceleration_button - © Credit:

1.5x acceleration_button – © Credit:

  • If you want to go even faster, this time you will have to press the “1.5x” button so that it goes to “2x”, a rather hellish speed!
2x accelerator_button - © Credit:

2x accelerator_button – © Credit:

How much speed of acceleration of voice messages on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp offers the option to speed up voice messages twice outside of normal reading speed. So there are three read speeds corresponding to the signs 1x, 1.5x and 2x. The first 1x sign is what you will see during normal playback of a voicemail message on WhatsApp.

From the first acceleration, the sign 1x becomes 1.5 x and this becomes 2x as soon as the user passes to the second level of acceleration. If he presses the accelerator button a third time, the playback speed returns to normal, from 2x to 1x. It is generally advisable to stick to the first two speeds (1x and 1.5), as the third offers often inaudible reading of messages. This is particularly the case with messages sent by people with an already fast speech rate.

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