How to pin or pin messages in Telegram chats

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Finding an important message in a conversation is often not an easy task. Fortunately it is possible pin messages at cats of Telegram. This way, we can “save” those important messages so that we can read them or remember certain things later without having to navigate through an entire conversation.

This function is appreciated, especially when we are in a group. Obviously, it’s normal for Telegram groups to be filled with messages and losing one is extremely easy. With this function we can anchor all the messages we want in the chats.

Best of all is that we set the messages to be chat, that means the messages we set in the “High School Friends” chat will not appear in the conversation we have with a friend or family member.

So let’s see how to pin messages in Telegram conversations in a very simple way a little lower.

  • The first thing we are going to do is open the Telegram app on the phone.
  • After that we have to open the chat which contains the message that we want to anchor.
  • Now tap on the message you want to pin.
  • A pop-up window will appear, if we want to dock just so that we can see, press “OK”.
  • If you want the message to be anchored for you and all chat members, you will need to check the members box, then click “Accept”.
  • This way we can make sure that we are not going to lose those messages which are really important. We can fix them at the top and we can remember it anytime.

    Telegram is an application which has a large number of extremely useful functions. The ability to correct or anchor messages in Telegram chats is one of the many that the app offers us.

    Another great option is that when you post more than one message. You can click the icon to the right of pinned or pinned messages so you can view them all in one place. We can even detach them one by one or all at once.

    Whether you are having a group or one-on-one conversation with a colleague, these messages can be recorded at the top of the chat in question and will always be accessible. Ideal for remembering certain things.

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