How to open the Nakatomi Plaza safe in Warzone

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Call of Duty: Warzone embraces her ’80s indoor action flick by adding Nakatomi Plaza from Die hard. You’ll be happy to know that Nakatomi Plaza is true to the movie, with all the parts, vents, and little details looking pretty authentic. That being said, Warzone included a brand new safe in downtown Verdansk which must be opened with a safe key card found only at Nakatomi Plaza.

This is far from an easy task with multiple players or teams vying for an entire vault and three different vaults that can be opened inside. Don’t worry, this is the complete guide to opening the Nakatomi Plaza Vault at Warzone, including instructions on how to find the three key cards in the safe.

Unfinished Business | Safe key card – 1

Unfinished Business has three different contracts that players can enter at the start of each game. These contracts are limited and will not reappear, so you need to make sure that you are one of those players or teams that collect those three coveted unfinished contracts. If you miss something, you miss something.

To unlock the safe key card – 1 ” Warzone, you must recover the unfinished Business contract and open the following three crates located on your card. Unfinished Business is a reskinned Scavenger contract, so nothing is different apart from the reward of earning the Vault Key Card – 1. As with any of these Vault Key Cards, you can then open the safe located on the 31st floor of Nakatomi Plaza.

unfinished war zone safe
Image by: Activision

Hostile fire | Safe key card – 2

Just like Die hard, there are several armed C4s on the roof of Nakatomi Plaza. While the hostages of the film are non-existent in Warzone, the danger is still present, with an attack helicopter guarding the C4 instead. The C4 begins its countdown once players enter Verdansk at the start of the game. It’s a safe guess that if you fail to disarm the four C4s on the roof of Nakatomi Plaza in the two-minute countdown, you’ll likely explode.

The C4 takes a while to disarm. Expect to die attempting to disarm the C4, either by the hand of other players or by being shot down by the attack helicopter above. This is a high risk, high reward game. Hostile Fire is also a shared event, which means the whole game works together to disarm the C4. While there are four that need to be disarmed, only the last one will drop the Vault Key Card – 2 into the Nakatomi Plaza Vault. If you can’t be that hero, you can hunt down and kill the player who took the key card from the vault. As mentioned above, make your way to the 31st floor and collect your loot!

Here’s a tip: the Cold Blooded perk makes you invisible to the attack helicopter guarding the C4. Without the advantage, he’ll shoot you, leaving you with no choice but to shoot him down. If you detonate the helicopter above Nakatomi Plaza, it will drop a golden crate. The drop consists of a handful of weapons, one of which will be a random legendary pistol.

Hostile Fire War Zone Vault
Image by: Activision

The case has gone wrong | Safe key card – 3

Deal Gone Wrong is for players who like to take on hordes of enemies. This method has the most shot of the three, and also has the most money to collect. Players can start this event by going to the second garage in the basement of Nakatomi Plaza and starting the event located in an open truck in the middle of the garage. This truck is different from the rest, as the back is open and emits a golden glow from a computer console installed inside. You head to the console and a prompt will ask you to start the Deal Gone Wrong event. Make sure you have plates and ammo for this event, as it will be hectic.

Once you trigger the start of this mini-event, you will need to clear two waves of enemies to drop the Vault Key Card – 3. This is very similar to the previous zombie events before the move to Verdansk retro. While the enemies aren’t spectacular and turn out to be a minor threat, the Second Wave unleashes a reskinned version of a juggernaut, called the Brute. Once you pierce the Brute’s armor you will still need a lot of health, so keep shooting. When the Brute dies, she will drop piles and piles of money for you to collect.

The only way for players to earn Keycard Vault – 3 is to defeat all enemies. The Keycard Vault will drop as soon as you kill the last enemy. Others may contribute to the minor event and steal the vault key card from you, so watch out for other players or teams trying to sneak up on the reward.

raw war zone vault

Opening of the Nakatomi Plaza Vault

All three paths lead to the same destination. The vault location is on the 31st floor of Nakatomi Plaza. As mentioned above, you can open the Nakatomi Plaza Vault in Warzone when you collect a Vault Keycard. Each Vault Keycard opens a different vault in the Nakatomi Plaza Vault, so don’t feel like you have to spend the entire game finding the three different cards.

Inside you’ll find stacks of cash depending on which game mode you’re playing – Battle Royale or Plunder – ranging from $ 100,000 to $ 1 million. You’ll also find kill streaks, legendary weapons, and other pretty powerful items to use in the vault. Safes also provide additional loot depending on the route you’ve taken, so be sure to grab that as well.

Be careful when opening the safe! Warzone tells the lobby that the safe is open so you might blow yourself up while looting Nakatomi Plaza. Right now, Nakatomi Plaza is the best loot location in Warzone. You should have better gear than other players after looting the vault, so hopefully your gameplay can back it up! Yippee-ki-yay motherf ** ker!

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