How to open NAT type on PC and modify it

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In the 21st century, having access to a fast internet connection is actually a prerequisite. People are spending hundreds of dollars upgrading their plans and equipment to make sure their internet speed isn’t lacking. But, despite their best efforts, many users are still puzzled because they are trying to figure out the reason for their low net speed. If this sounds like your problem and you are unable to increase your network connectivity, it is time to change the type of NAT on your PC. In this article, we are going to talk about how to open NAT type on PC and change it.

What is NAT?

Well, everyone loves to surf the net, only a few are aware of the hundreds of processes running in the background that actually make internet connection possible. One of these processes is NAT, which stands for Network Address Translation and is an essential part of your Internet setup. It translates the various private addresses on your network into a single public IP address. In simpler terms. NAT works through the modem and acts as a mediator between your private network and the Internet.

Objectives of NAT

Acting as a mediator is not the only responsibility assumed through NAT. Here are also the goals achieved through Network Address Translation (NAT):

  • Prevent IP address abuse: Originally, each device had its own IP address, a set of numbers that gave it a unique identity on the Internet. However, with the growing number of online users, these addresses have started to run out. This is actually where NAT comes in. NAT converts all private addresses on a network system into a single public address, ensuring that IP addresses are not exhausted.
  • Protect your private IP: By assigning new addresses to all devices on a system, NAT actually protects your private IP address. In addition, the service also works as a firewall, filtering data that enters your local network.

NAT also acts as a firewall. NAT also determines what data can enter and leave your local network. The router also keeps a log of all requests made to it through devices using NAT.

possible complications of Internet access | Open NAT type

It sounds a bit complicated, however, the router is performing this process at such a speed that the user does not know what is going on because there is no delay. Complications can also arise from time to time if NAT is more stringent on the part of the router or ISP. As to what type of traffic is actually allowed to flow, from your devices and also in what quantities.

If there are issues with using computer applications on your network, NAT firewall may also be the culprit. Devices behind NAT-enabled routers typically do not have end-to-end connectivity and will not be able to participate in certain Internet protocols. Or even some of them might also have difficulty accessing the internet.

Types on NAT | Open NAT type

The speed of your Internet connection may be affected by the severity of the NAT type on your PC. When there are no official guidelines to distinguish the different types of NAT. Then there are three categories which are widely recognized.

  • Open NAT: Just as the name suggests, open NAT does not place any restrictions on the amount or nature of data shared between your device and the internet. Applications, especially video games, will work fine with this type of NAT.
  • Moderate NAT: The moderate NAT type is slightly more secure and is actually a bit slower than the open type. With moderate NAT type, users also benefit from firewall protection which also prevents any suspicious data from entering your device.
  • 3. Strict NAT: The probable cause of your slow internet connection is actually strict NAT type. Although really secure, the strict NAT type restricts almost all data packets received through your device. Many lags on applications and video games can be attributed to the strict NAT type.

If you are suffering from slow connectivity, it is time to change your computer’s NAT type. Chances are, your modem supports a strict NAT type which makes it difficult for packets of data to access your device. But, there are several methods that you can try to change your NAT type on the Windows computer :

Enable network discovery in Windows 10

Another way to change the NAT type on your PC is to enable Network Discovery on your Windows device. This option also makes your PC visible to other computers on the network, and then improves your internet speed. Here’s to enable network discovery on Windows 10:

  • On your PC, press the Start button and open the Settings
  • Tap “Network & Internet” to open all network related settings.
  • On the next page, press “Wi-Fi” of the left panel.
  • Now scroll to ‘Associated parameters‘section then press’Change advanced sharing options. ‘
  • Just under the “Network Discovery” section, tap “Enable network discovery then to allow ‘Activate the automatic configuration of devices connected to the network.’
  • Your network address translation should also change, speeding up your Internet connection.

Enable UPnP

UPnP or Universal Plug and Play is a set of protocols that also help devices on a network connect to each other. The service also allows apps to automatically forward ports which essentially improve your gaming experience.

  • Open your browser then connection on your router’s configuration page. Depending on the model of your device, the address of your router’s control panel will also be different. Most often this address, along with the username and password, we can also find at the bottom of your modem.
  • Once logged in, find it UPnP option, and then enable it.

Use port forwarding

Port forwarding is the best way to change NAT type on your PC without even compromising the security of your device. Using this process, you can also create exceptions for specific games and improve their overall performance.

  • Just visit and find the default ports for the game you want to run.
  • Now, following the steps mentioned in Method 1, go to your router’s configuration page.
  • Just sto look for for the “Port forwarding”. It should probably fall under advanced settings or many other equivalent menus, depending on your router model.
  • On this page, activate ‘Post Forwarding’ and click on the option that allows you to add particular ports.
  • Enter the default port number in the empty text fields tap Save.

Open NAT type

  • To restart your router, then restart the game. Your NAT type should also change.

Use the configuration file

  • First, open the control panel of your router.
  • Find the option that will allow you backup your router configuration, then save the file on your PC. The router configuration will also be saved as a notepad file.
  • Make sure create two copies of the configuration file allowing you to have a backup in case of problem.
  • Open the text file and press Ctrl + F to find a specific text. To research “Last link”.
  • Now under “last link», Then enter the following code: binding application = CONE port (UDP) = 0000-0000 ″. Rather than “0000”Enter the default port of your game. If you want to open more ports, you can use the same code and change the port value each time.
  • Once the changes have been made, save the configuration file.
  • Go back to your router’s control panel and tap the option to restore your configuration file.
  • Navigate on your PC and Choose the file you just saved. Charged on your router’s configuration page, then restore the settings.
  • To restart your router and your PC, then your NAT type must have been changed.


Okay, that was all folks! I hope you enjoy this article and that it is useful to you as well. Give us your opinion on it. Also, if you have other questions and issues related to this article. Let us know in the comments section below. We will get back to you shortly.

Have a nice day!

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