How to Open Hidden Scientific Calculator on iPhone

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There are many times when we have to take accounts and nothing is more comfortable than doing it from our mobile device. Although in some situations the normal calculator does not help us at all and we need something more. For this we must learn to Open the hidden scientific calculator on iPhone.

As The Verge recently pointed out, the iPhone has had a hidden scientific calculator since 2008. You don’t need to download anything, and usually you don’t need to configure anything either.

There are many must-have iPhone apps out there and one of them is the calculator. You can use it a lot for doing accounts in many situations.

Being able to use Scientific Calculator on iOS is much easier than you might imagine and a little further down we are going to see a simple but comprehensive guide on how to open Hidden Scientific Calculator on iPhone.

The first thing we will need to do is find the calculator app on iPhone which is already integrated. The calculator app has a scientific mode available since 2008, the only thing not in sight.

If you can’t find the app, just swipe your finger up and down to get the search bar and type “Calculator” and when the icon appears you can open it.

When the calculator is open, we will see the usual interface, obviously this interface is nothing scientific How to open the hidden scientific calculator on iPhone? It’s very simple, just turn the mobile phone and put it horizontally.

The app will automatically adjust to fit the larger screen and new buttons are added like a scientific calculator. Obviously we need to have the option to rotate screen enabled for this to happen.

Orientation lock can be enabled or disabled from the control center. It’s an icon that has an arrow that spins around in a circle shape, we just activate it and that’s it.

When the orientation lock is deactivated. We’re just going to have to transform the phone so that the common calculator of all life becomes a scientific calculator on iPhone.

In this simple way, we don’t need to download any other app, with the app that is already preinstalled on iOS, it is quite possible to have a scientific calculator.

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