How to minimize desktop icons in Windows

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One of the best things about the Microsoft operating system is the ability to customize it as much as we want. Although it is preconfigured quite optimally, you might want to Make than Icons of office be more small or big at the Windows.

We can customize virtually every section of the operating system. Even install different models that dramatically change the interface. But something that can not only be aesthetic, but also practical. It is the possibility to change the size of the desktop icons.

Ideal for keeping everything organized, you can have several or few. Anyway, we can change the size of these icons as we like and adapt them to our needs. A little further down we will see two methods to achieve this and I assure you that it is very easy to do.

Make desktop icons smaller or larger in Windows

We can reduce the size of desktop icons, although we can increase their size as well. A little further down, we’ll look at how to make Windows desktop icons smaller or larger.

The first thing to do is to right click on an empty space on the desktop. A new menu is displayed where we will have to position the mouse on the first option “Display”.

A new submenu will appear where we will have three main options: large icons, medium icons or small icons. Depending on which one we choose, the desktop icons will change. Obviously, if you select large, depending on how much you have and your screen resolution, you might not see any.

Increase the size of the icons or reduce them with the mouse wheel

We can also do the same just by using the mouse wheel. For this we will have to position the mouse in an empty space on the desktop. After that we will have to hold down the “Ctrl” key on the keyboard and move the mouse wheel in question.

This way the size of the icons we have on the desktop will vary depending on where we move the wheel in question.

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