How to merge two folders on Windows 10

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On an operating system like Windows 10, it couldn’t be easier than copying files or folders, moving them or deleting them, these are standard and classic everyday operations for beginners and experts alike. .

These operations were further improved with more control at the exit of Windows 10, and for example, when you try to move (Drag or Copy and Paste) a file to another folder or location containing another file with the same name and extension, the system will automatically ask you if you want to replace the file with the new one and overwrite it or keep it to cancel the operation.

If you try the same thing but with folders, i.e. move (Drag or Copy and Paste) a folder (not empty) that contains files to another location containing a folder with the same name as the first, the result will be different! Windows 10 will automatically merge the contents of the two folders!

Merge two folders on Windows 10

Now I think you’ve got it all figured out, merging two folders without losing their contents or making duplicates is easier than restarting your computer if I’m not exaggerating, but that doesn’t stop us from writing a whole article to tell you how .

So here’s how:

1. First locate the two folders to merge and their location, and if they do not have the same name, rename them so that the names of the two folders are identical.

2. Select one of the two folders and use the Ctrl and C (Ctrl + C) key combination to copy it.

3. Now navigate to the location of the second folder and use the Ctrl and V (Ctrl + V) key combination to move (paste) the first folder we copied to the location where the second folder is located.

4. Windows 10 will detect the existence of a folder with the same name in this location, the two folders will then be merged automatically and the destination folder will contain the contents (files) of both.

NB: If the destination folder contains files with the same name, the system asks you if you want to replace the files with the new ones, or just ignore them.

That’s it that’s all !

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