How to make only admins send messages in a WhatsApp group

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When we are part of a group of an instant messaging application, it is quite normal that the number of messages coming from it is quite large. So if we want to send an important message, it is quite normal that it gets lost among so many others. In these cases, it is better to do Only admins send messages in a WhatsApp group.

It is especially ideal for work groups. We can configure so that only admins send messages in the WhatsApp group. This way we make sure that all the messages we send are read by members of the same and are not lost in the conversation.

Configure WhatsApp so that only admins send messages in a group

We will first open WhatsApp on our mobile device, iPhone or Android. Then we will enter the group chat. We click on the name of the group at the top of the screen.

Once we are in the group details, we are going to have to scroll down and choose “Group settings”. Now click on “Send Messages” and two available options will appear. One of them is “Administrators only” while the other is “All participants”.

We will therefore click on “Administrators only” then on the “Accept” button for the changes to take effect. Now only admins can send messages, the rest of the group members can only read them.

After making these changes, WhatsApp will add an alert message to the group to notify participants of the change. Also, where appears the text box to write a message at the bottom. A reminder will appear stating “Only administrators can send messages”.

If you want to go back to the previous state, you will have to repeat the steps we talked about a little above. Only instead of choosing “Administrators only”, you should select “All participants”.

It’s even a good way to make sure we are sharing information that we want everyone to read. We can configure the group so that only an administrator can send messages for a few hours, communicate this message and then go back to the previous configuration.

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