How to make Firefox save tabs when closing or restarting

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Imagine you had to leave urgently and had to shut down your computer. You have too many tabs open and when you come back you have to open them one by one. Obviously, this is something boring that no one would like to do, especially if you have the opportunity to make Firefox save tabs when closing or restarting the browser.

This is an option that most browsers currently have. We can even make Chrome save tabs when it is closed. Why not with Firefox? Mozilla’s browser has a fairly simple option in the browser’s configuration menu, which allows us to automatically save the tabs we have opened without doing anything at all.

We will see a bit below, everything we need to do to configure Firefox to save tabs when closing or restarting the browser.

The first thing to do is to click on the three horizontal lines which are in the upper right corner of the screen. A new menu appears with several options. The one that interests us is “Options” which is at the bottom of the menu.

The Firefox configuration tab opens. Where we’re going to have to click on “General” and then we’re going to look for the “Start” section on the right side. In this section, we will need to check the box next to “Restore previous session” in order to enable the tab’s recovery function.

Restore the previous session

You can now close the options tab and that’s it. Every time you restart or close Firefox, the next time you open it, they will all reload as in the previous session. You won’t have to manually reopen all the tabs one by one.

There is only one thing you need to keep in mind. If you configure Firefox to always start in incognito mode. This option will not work because private browsing mode forces Firefox to delete your browsing history and other data every time it is closed.

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