How to make a photo collage for Instagram and Facebook on Android

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The budding photographers, and there are many of them on Android, appreciate sharing their clichés on social networks. We first think of Instagram, the dedicated platform to photography of all kinds. What to do on the other hand when you have several takes all as beautiful as each other?

It’s simple! Just do a montage, more commonly called a collage photos. Many applications allow you prepare a montage easily on Android. The one that stands out is Layout from Instagram, or Layout in French. This is an associated app that must be downloaded beforehand but which allows you to share in one click on Instagram and Facebook. What to boost your audience on Instagram!

How to Prepare a Photo Collage Easily for Instagram

Instagram did not want to complicate the interface too much, hence the launch of Layout which is just as simple but offers many mounting options, here’s what it looks like.

  • Launch the app you just installed
  • You will find 3 navigation modes: Gallery, Faces, Recent – see below
  • As you select photos, the upper part allows you to preview the different collage options
  • Remember to scroll to the right because the essays are numerous
  • Once it is selected, you can make more changes including change a snapshot, rotate it vertically or horizontally
  • Happy with your composition? So click on Record and voila
  • Finally, it is possible to share with one click, on Instagram or Facebook of course, but not only.

  1. Layout from Instagram

    Layout from Instagram

    Wow the gallery with unusual compositions! It’s possible and easy thanks to Layout, a companion application published by Instagram and which operates independently. The handling is very simple as on its big sister. Finally the photo collages can be saved on your Android or shared on your favorite networks.

  2. Instagram


    You don’t need Instagram to use Layout because your creations are saved directly on the phone. But the amateur photographers where the lover of pretty pictures have all made the choice and it’s Instagram. To the point of having become more than a photo community, it is a popular social network and prized for its quality.

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