How to make a GIF from your iPhone or Android smartphone

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Animated GIFs, like memes, have become an essential component of exchanges on social networks. Facebook integrates a fairly extensive GIF database that the user can easily discover by entering keywords and then posting them as comments. It’s bound to be a more fun experience. If you want to make your own GIFs, it’s easy. We show you how.

With a simple succession of moving images, you can express a lot of things with humor. Nothing like a GIF to put more atmosphere in the communications of Internet users. Animated GIFs have come a long way in a few years. When you think they weren’t initially welcome on Facebook. Now, we see them everywhere on the social network as elsewhere. If you have a little creative sense, you can make your own animated GIFs that look like you.

How to create an animated GIF on my smartphone?

There are a myriad of options on Android as well as iPhone to make an animated GIF. You will find several apps on the Play Store and the App Store to bring your imagination to life.

Create GIFs on Android

You don’t necessarily need to install a third-party app to make an animated GIF on an Android smartphone. At least, when it comes to GIFs created from photos. Google Photos indeed has a built-in feature allowing you to do this by arranging several photos to create animations.

  • Open Google Photos which is installed by default on all recent Android smartphones. If you don’t have it, download the app from the Play Store
  • From the Home screen, tap Library in the menu at the bottom, then on Suggestions.
  • Scroll down and select Animations
  • The application gives you the possibility to select several images present on your smartphone. Do it then press Create top right.
  • You can find the GIF file created in the Gallery (Google Photos folder)

Create an animated GIF on an iPhone or iPad

Functionality Live Photos available for a few years on iOS allows you to create an animation effect when taking a photo by filming the few seconds before and after the photo itself. However, these “animated photos” are handicapped by a compatibility problem. These are not real GIFs that can be shared with other non-Apple devices or on social networks. However, since iOS 11, it is possible to easily transform Live Photos into GIFs.

  • Open the app Pictures and select the album Live Photos
  • Select the animation you want to turn into GIF
  • Once selected, slide your finger down the screen to view the four GIF animation options. Just choose the effect Loop or Rebound to create a GIF that you can then share.

Create an animated GIF from a video with Giphy

Giphy is no longer to present. It is the largest GIF search engine on the web with an impressive database. It also allows users to create any GIF file and share it via links. The service is available on iOS and Android. It allows you to shoot videos directly in the application to turn them into GIFs of a few seconds. You can also import videos or photos to turn them into animations.

  • Download Giphy from the Play Store or the App Store by following the links at the end of the article
  • Open the app and sign in. If you don’t have an account, register with your Facebook or Apple account. It takes a few seconds.
  • Push the button Create or Create at the top right of the screen.
  • Take a video or upload a video from Gallery.
  • You can only create one GiF of a maximum 6.5 seconds
  • Adjust the selector (the yellow dial at the bottom) to delimit the sequence you want to transformCreate a GiF with Giphy
  • When it’s done, press the blue button with an arrow at the bottom to save the GiF on Giphy, or even share it.

Giphy which is very easy to use and to take in hand also allows to add effects, text and stickers to bring to life anything that can cross your imagination.

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