How to limit the time spent on WhatsApp, TikTok or even Youtube

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Pandemic obliges, we stayed a little cloistered at home! A rush on all connected devices then took place, for keep in touch with our loved ones of course, and this is the case with WhatsApp. The messaging app is arguably the most popular on Android phones. But not only, the digital world with short videos on TikTok, or longer on YouTube brings a real escape.

Now that the children are going back to school in France, of course time spent on cellphones will decrease. It may also be the when to restrict activity in the evening on applications such as WhatsApp, TikTok or YouTube. It is the digital well-being of our dear little blond heads but not only, adults too. So follow the guide!

Digital well-being embedded on Android

On the latest versions of android, the Google application for the Digital well-being is already installed normally. Just go to settings, otherwise you can always Download here.

Once launched, click on View your data as below. You will then have your overview, with the total time spent and by application. In the example below, you can see that half of the time spent was on TikTok. Some users spend there almost an hour a day, it might be time to try alternatives to TikTok.

The advantage of the application Digital well-being of Google (Digital Wellbeing in English) is that it is possible to limit the time spent per application, So how does it work? This is very simple.

Click on the Dashboard to set your timers. You will see the list of applications classified by minutes spent. By clicking on the first one, you then theoption to set timer for this one only. Very often it is the notifications that prompt users to launch an app. Well, it is also possible to block notifications or even from limit them clicking on Manage notifications.

  1. Digital Wellbeing

    Digital well-being on Android

    With this Google-stamped app, you can monitor the time spent on your phone. In some cases you will be surprised, given the minutes spent, it is possible to say that you are addict ! With this tool, limit dependency and take a little air, the beautiful days are here. The dashboard is also very complete with an overview of the applications used.

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