How to know the battery status of an iPhone?

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While it is true that iPhones are generally extremely stable devices, which respond to all conditions and hold up very well to demands over time, it is also true that their battery is not exactly the most important aspect. of these terminals. over the years, they begin to wear out. If you think that the battery life of your smartphone is not as good as it used to be, or it used to be, you should get to know the iPhone battery status.

This essential tip for anyone who owns Apple smartphones, aims to provide up-to-date and reliable information on the state of the iPhone’s battery in real time, thus avoiding excessive or unexpected wear when it is needed. worst time to do it. .

In other words, although the quality of the iPhone battery inevitably wears out with use, we have ways to know what is your status, and prevent situations that could compromise us.

Thus, Apple gives us the opportunity to check the condition of the battery and to check its condition, to possibly assess whether a replacement of the iPhone battery is necessary, a final solution that is sometimes unavoidable.

But before you start, be aware that this information is only accessible to those who have an iPhone updated to versions iOS 11.3 or higher. While those who do not have this option, they should bring the device to an Apple store to have a scan done and an exact diagnosis made.

  • Go to your iPhone settings
  • Enter the Battery section
  • Y at battery status
  • As you can see, having this data at hand is not complicated, as Apple wants to make it easy for us to take into account the circumstances surrounding battery wear.

    Of course, when we buy a new iPhone, the battery capacity is 100%, and it should be. But, being built in lithium, this percentage slowly decreases over the months.

    And what does it mean that the percentage is going down? More than anything, the screen usage time you have between two charge cycles will be less and less. Otherwise what you will have to go to the charger more often.

    Apple gives us some details on the aging of its batteries, explaining, for example, that a battery remains at 80% of its capacity after 500 charge cycles. From there, it will all depend on personal use.

    On the other hand, there are a few simple tips to improve iPhone battery life that we have used before. With them, you will be able to reduce its wear over the years.

    And how do you know when to change the iPhone battery?

    Well at this point we can advise you to track your iPhone battery through the option ‘Peak Performance Capability’, which provides information messages on this subject.

    The messages we can get from the maximum performance capacity are as follows:

  • Normal performance– The battery capacity is not seriously defective and it performs exactly as expected, so there is no need to worry too much.
  • Performance management enabled: In this case, it can be assumed that the equipment battery is starting to degrade, and although you may not notice this wear yet, it has already started to occur.
  • Battery status unknown: Finally, Apple can deliver this apparently disconcerting message, but which confirms the slow process of attrition already described.
  • Performance management disabled– At some point, Apple may no longer deem it necessary to apply performance management. Usually this means that it no longer makes sense to have it active.
  • Very degraded battery: In the latter situation, it is when the exchange of an old battery for a new one becomes really imperative. You shouldn’t let too much time pass before you deal with it.
  • Other signs to watch out for

    Finally, there are other signs or clues that will help you know if you need to replace the battery.

    One of the undeniable elements is the sudden shutdown of the phone. Especially when accompanied by the specific message “this iPhone has experienced an unexpected shutdown”. iOS will allow you to select the performance management options you want for the future. If this repeats itself, you should find out from this battery change.

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