How to know if your number has been blocked by a contact

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Blocking an unwanted number is the ultimate solution to avoid being annoyed. But how do you know if your number has been blocked by someone else? If you are unable to reach a contact, there are several tips to quickly check if the latter has put your number on its blacklist.

Telephone canvassing services, relou or ex invaders, several factors can justify blocking a number. This is done very easily from a smartphone. You can block a number on Android or block a number on an iPhone The simplest in the world. And since no one has a monopoly on this gesture, your number might also end up on someone else’s blacklist.

Find out if your number has been blocked

In fact, it is quite simple. You just have to understand how things work when someone has blocked your phone number. You are automatically redirected to the contact’s voice mailbox after one or two beeps. For its part, the correspondent does not receive any call notification. His phone doesn’t ring.

If you leave a message in the voice mailbox, no SMS notification is received by the contact. The message automatically goes to the “Blocked Messages” folder on iOS. On the other hand, if the correspondent uses an Android smartphone, he still receives a voice message alert SMS if the function is activated with the operator. But this trick, although reliable for find out if someone has blocked your number is not specific.

The same can be said in the event of network instability, for example. It is therefore important to try again once or twice with a few minutes intervals. If the call is still redirected after one or two beeps, the confirmation step will be to try to call from another number or to make a hidden number. Enter # 31 # followed by the correspondent’s number. If the phone rings, it is now almost certain that your number has been blocked.

What about SMS

By blocking a number, you cannot receive a call or an SMS from it. The same principle therefore applies for messages. If your number is blocked by a contact, it does not receive your SMS even if everything is happening at your level as if the messages were delivered successfully. In fact, nothing abnormal is happening. But make no mistake, your recipient will never receive them while your number is on their blacklist.

And finally, don’t overdo it with hidden number calls. Most people do not respond to it and if they follow one another this can lead to legal consequences, since it is tantamount to harassment. Operators can reveal the identity of the caller in the event of a complaint.

On the same type of subject, we invite you to read our article to know when someone blocks you on WhatsApp. The application does not tell you formally, but thanks to tips, you will be able to determine it with certainty.

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