How to know if a contact has blocked you on WhatsApp

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It’s easy to tell if a contact has blocked you on WhatsApp, but there are also some indicators that can trick you into believing it unfairly. So how do you know for sure you’ve been blocked? Follow the guide.

WhatsApp offers great flexibility, with privacy options allowing you to do just about everything: hide the time of the last connections, deactivate read receipt, restrict the visibility of its news and statutes, etc. And if some of your contacts are bothering you, you have the option of blocking them. And no one has a monopoly on this power. When doubt sets in whether a friend gets blocked, here’s how to be clear about it.

Tips for knowing if you’ve been blocked by a contact on WhasApp

There are signs that indicate it. When a contact blocks you, you are no longer able to send him messages. Therefore, only a line appears at your level after sending a message. Even if the contact is connected, the second line indicating receipt of the message will never appear. But this factor alone is not enough.

In case a contact has blocked you on WhasApp, you will no longer be able to see his profile picture, his status or the messages posted in the news. In other words, his profile seems completely empty. But that doesn’t have to be confirmation that he’s blocked you. Indeed, if your number is no longer in his directory and he has restricted access to his information only to his contacts, his profile would appear in the same way.

The only way in this case to find out if the contact blocked you on WhatsApp is to send him a message. If he is logged in and you are not blocked, both lines will appear even if you do not have access to his profile picture, or his status.

You will understand, there is no single trick to know when someone has blocked you. Only a combination of factors will get you to the bottom of it. And if this is indeed the case, you no longer have any means of entering and reaching your interlocutor on the application. You just have to go through another channel.

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