How to keep the flame alive with your smartphone

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Streamline daily use.

A few tips exist to avoid wearing out the heart of your phone on a daily basis:
Rediscover airplane mode and… Horror! Stop button. It sounds basic, but a phone that doesn’t work is a phone that keeps its battery for bigger battles. Turn it off (or, if it’s too hard, at least switch it to airplane mode) when you’re sleeping, in transport, or in an uncovered area. This will prevent him from exhausting himself looking for the network in vain.

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  • Turn off the light : lower the screen brightness, switch to night mode to slow down energy consumption number 1 – the screen.
  • Turn off automatic synchronizations, the geolocation, the bluetooth and other fantasies that are useful only occasionally.
  • Keep a cool head: your smartphone is not a lizard. Thank you for it protect from extreme temperatures so that it does not have to grind to cool down.

For more info on the subject, read our tutorial here.

On a daily basis, we will ensure a good animal hygiene: cleaning with a microfiber cloth and special spray with the appliance switched off. The Ministry of Health and your battery will thank you.

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