How to join a multiplayer server in Minecraft PE?

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Minecraft Pocket Edition or Minecraft Bedrock, which we will now call Minecraft PE, is an interesting game, although trying to be entertained on your own can be boring. Therefore, if you want to enjoy Minecraft in a different way, we will show you how rejoin again multiplayer server in Minecraft PE easily.

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that Minecraft PE supports an unlimited number of servers so that players can connect with each other, having more fun than playing alone. This is common in many titles. Minecraft PE is no exception and we also have plenty of ways to join a server, either with old friends or with strangers halfway around the world. In the following lines you will find the information on this subject.

Quickly connect to a multiplayer server in Minecraft PE

Before you start, you should know that in order to effectively join a Minecraft PE server, you need a Minecraft PE license. Without it, you will not be able to log in and ultimately gain access to the system.

With that said, here are the steps for connecting to a Minecraft PE multiplayer server:

  • Open Minecraft PE as usual and click the Play button
  • Go to the Server section, and click on the servers in view, looking for the lowest ping possible. Another alternative is that you create your own server, if you plan to host people in your own game.
  • At this point, the title will ask you to log into Microsoft’s account system to verify the license. When this has happened, it will take a few seconds to download the resources
  • After completing the previous step, you will be able to play Minecraft PE on your chosen server. Whereas if you have decided to develop your own server, you will have to tell your colleagues which server it is.
  • Keep in mind that if you are not happy with the user experience, it could be because free quality self-created servers are quite limited. However, they can be sufficient from time to time
  • Either way, there are instructions on how to join Minecraft PE servers. This is obviously a straightforward procedure, which shouldn’t cause you too much trouble or setback.

    Minecraft PE 3 multiplayer server

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