How to insert a table in a Gmail email

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In this article, we’ll show you how insert table in Gmail email. It’s too simple a process that we can do from a Windows, Linux, or Mac computer. We can also do this from any mobile device, be it an iPhone or an Android.

Insert a table in an email in Gmail

To get started, we’ll need to access Google Sheets in any web browser. In the Google Sheets interface, if we already have a spreadsheet, we will need to open it. If not, then we just click on the box with a “+” icon in the center.

If you are creating a new spreadsheet, we will need to enter the data we want to share. In case we have selected an already created one, we will not have to do it.

Select all.

The only thing we will have to do is select the area where the data entered in the worksheet is located, we will just have to click and hold the button, drag the mouse over all the content we want to select and that is all. It should look like the image above.

To copy.

Once we have selected everything, we will need to copy it. We can do this in several ways, we can go to Edit> Copy. Alternatively, we can also press Ctrl + C on our keyboard.

Paste the table in the email.

The spreadsheet is copied and we can paste it into a Gmail email. For that we will obviously have to go to the email and we will right click on an empty space then select “Paste”. We can also press Ctrl + V.

So we managed to insert a table into a Gmail email from Windows.

The spreadsheet appeared in the Gmail email and now we can send it to whoever we want.

Add a table in Gmail from a mobile

Create a new spreadsheet.

We will need to start the Google Sheets app on our device. In the interface of the Google Spreadsheet we will have to choose the sheet that contains the content in question, we can also create a new one by pressing the plus sign in the lower right corner.

Select the table on mobile devices.

Once we have the data, we will just have to select it. We’re going to slide our finger from the top left corner to the bottom right corner to select everything.

Copy the table.

Several commands will appear, the one that interests us the most is the one that says “Copy”.

In this way, we have successfully inserted a table in a Gmail email.

Now we have to go to Gmail and create a new email, we will just have to press and hold a few seconds on an empty space and the “Paste” option will appear.

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