How to identify hidden apps on Android

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With the number of published sets and tools every day on Google Play, the platform dedicated to Android keeps growing. And if, like us, you are naturally curious, you download regularly without a doubt. To the point that your storage memory reduced like a skin of sorrow. This is especially the case if the phone is shared within the family, children like to test the latest games.

So here is a tutorial for unmask hidden apps greedy in storage. And for those who have enough space, why not install dedicated tools for cleaning on android?

How to identify the apps hidden in the Android drawer?

This option is available on older versions of Android, it is the case with this old Blackberry Key One on Android 8.1. In some cases, the starter applications also offer this organization by drawer, rows in fact. Here I opted for the Aviate launcher, much superior to the Blackberry Launcher. In this regard, you can consult the list of ad-free android launchers.

1 – Click on the hamburger menu top right (the 3 lines) then Settings.

2 – Now click on the option that allows you to discover hidden applications. In my case, ” Show hidden cards But the titles vary from one application to another of course. The good news, nothing on this phone at all. Phew!

Another search option in Android Settings

To be sure or if we don’t have application drawers on your version then please go to Settings. There I am on Android 10.

3 – In Settings, now click on Apps and notifications

4 – There you can list all the installed apps by clicking on ” Show all 94 apps ” in my case:

5 – If some apps don’t tell you anything, you can click on it to retrieve the details such as date and source of installation. In case of suspicion, you can deactivate the app before uninstalling it, we never know.

In terms of third party apps, the tools to monitor activity on your Android phone are plentiful. One of them has been acclaimed by readers, it is themSpy free app to keep an eye on everything on your Android. Happy intruder fishing!

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