How to hide your phone number on Telegram

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Many of you in France use Telegram, this attractive alternative to American GAFA couriers. Indeed, Facebook which still largely dominates the market in France has not always been very looking towards privacy users. Some readers therefore preferred uninstall Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, the 2 nuggets of the firm. For Telegram!

But who is the publisher of this ergonomic and secure messaging service? It is none other than VKontakte, the Russian alter-ego of Facebook who launched this app on Android. The developers have met a great success with Telegram. Indeed the application is very fast and no size limit during transfers multimedia files. This is not the case with Snapchat for example.

There is a small catch, however, among Telegram users: the phone number which is required at the time of registration is displayed by default. However, it is easy to change this configuration, so here is this tutorial for make your number invisible on the Android version.

How to hide your phone number on Telegram

As always, see you in the Settings section application, then:

  • Tap on Privacy and Security
  • On the next page, go to Phone number
  • There you will have several options to configure:
  • Who can see my number?
  • Who can find me by my number?

Easy as pie and you thus avoid calls from strangers. And for those who haven’t yet tested one of the most popular Android messengers, you can download Telegram for free below.

  1. Telegram

    Telegram, the alternative to GAFA messaging

    Its interface reminiscent of its American competitor WhatsApp: sober, elegant and ergonomic. In addition to the encryption which guarantees the confidentiality of messages, Telegram offers many customization options messages. With in particular animated 3d emojis. You will also be able to consult the messages from multiple devices. Finally, with its open access, the third-party publishers can also contribute to improving services.

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