How to Hide Your Last Login and Status on Instagram

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It was the music festival yesterday! 40 more candles. The French took the opportunity to reconnect with simple pleasures. Stroll through town to the sounds of drums and mambo. Good moments to capture for yourself or to share. And when we say share we are of course thinking of social networks such as Instagram Where Facebook. Integrated instant messaging then allows your entourage to comment.

Unless you prefer to savor this little moment of joy with a friend or girlfriend, quietly. And why not the evening or the weekend, without any interruption? It is possible for this to hide last login time on instagram. His online status too. You will therefore be able to consult your account incognito, no one will ask you to be accountable. Similarly, it is also possible toavoid being tagged on instagram.

How to Disable Instagram Login Time and Online Status

Consider updating your android app regularly because the publisher Meta applies improvements fairly frequently. The link is at the bottom of this tutorial if needed.

  • Launch instagram
  • Tap profile icon at the bottom right
  • Now tap the 3 lines top right
  • There you will see Settingstap on it
  • Search Privacytap it again
  • Simply select online status and of turn it off

Instagram online status, how to turn it off?

On this screen, you must ensure that the blue tick is disabled. You can consult your incognito instagram without any query because you are online.

Here's how to hide online status on your Android Instagram profile

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    Instagram, the social network for artists

    One thing is certain, Instagram remains a quality social network by its content. Many artists of all genres like share with fans and followers. Whether it’s clichés, video footage in music or a Story personal, there is enough to delight the pupils and the ears. Besides the politicians and influencers didn’t have to be asked, they all have a instagram profile now.

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